Friday, March 13, 2015

Update on G-Pa Bob

March 17th, 2015

While in the hospital last Friday, they stitched up his facial wound that is right above his left eye and goes into his eyebrow. Dad doesn't know if he hit his head on the corner of the kitchen counter or if he cut it with the butter spreader in his hand. They also found him to be anemic and transfused him with 2 pints of blood. Also, because his leg's were swelling up again from the heart failure they gave him mega doses of Lasix to drain the fluid. I kept telling the ER that his seizures have been horrible for the past 2 weeks and that his Cardiologist was going to run some tests to see if by chance the bad heart valve was getting worse. They did admit overnight for observation.

When I went back up to see him Saturday morning, he was extremely confused and still having a ton of seizures. Once again, I kept telling this to his nurse. Come 4pm and they released him against my better judgment. Things were not much better when we got home. We had dinner and I tried playing cards with him which didn't go very well. The confusion continued. We finally all went to bed around 11pm.

At 1:00am, Rolf and I were awoken to a loud crash. I flew out of bed and ran into his room. Dad was not in bed. I looked in his bathroom and there he was on the floor bleeding. He told me he thinks he was dizzy and thought he was going to pass out. Guess he did! He cut open his butt cheek on the Lucite magazine rack which was now smashed to pieces. His knee was cut open from hitting the floor. He also hit his head on the edge of the bathtub. It took me an hour to check him over for broken bones and to clean up and dress his wounds. I found my super-human strength and was able to get him off the floor. Sure, I hurt my bad shoulder, but I had no choice. I got my brother on the phone around 1:30am so he could share the experience while it was happening. I got Dad back into bed after 2am. I finally climbed back into bed around 3:30 after cleaning up the mess.

Around 8:30am we AGAIN, woke to a crash. I ran into Dad's room and there he was on the bathroom floor again. Blood pooling on the floor from his hand and another head wound from hitting the tub. He told me he fell out of bed. I explained he was on the floor in the bathroom but he insisted he just fell out of bed. I called the ambulance. Here we go again.....

They glued the wound on his knuckle back together. They checked him all over and re-dressed the wounds I patched up during the 1am fall. They did another C-Scan on his head.

The C-Scan from Friday and the one they just did are fine. No differences either between the 2 scan's. They gave him more Lasix for the leg swelling. Yes, it was the same nurses and Dr's in the ER from when we were there Friday. I told them he NEVER should have been released on Saturday! They look at me like I have 4 heads! They admitted him once again for observation.

Yesterday OUR primary Doctor which I had left a message for, ordered a physical therapy consult and also a Neurology consult. I was there was PT arrived. Dad was walking strange which the guy noticed. When he went to get Dad back into the bed, Dad started to fall down. Thank goodness the therapist was able to grab him to prevent yet another fall. Sure gave him a heart attack. Then off he went to write his report.

I have not seen the Neurologist yet, but did leave him a written letter and my phone number. It happens to be the same Doctor that diagnosed Dad's seizures a little over a year ago.

So since Friday, I've been running back and forth between home and the hospital. I have 2 patients to take care of and it sucks that they are in different places. Poor Rolf can't even bend to feed the dog's!

Today I have to take Rolf for his 1 week follow-up with the surgeon. Good Lord, I'm praying that goes well. After that, I will bring Rolf home then go back to see Dad.

All I can say is Life, Huh?


Friday the 13th:
Crash, bang, boom! That's what we heard early this morning out in the kitchen. It woke us all up.
Mommy went running & found G-Pa Bob on the kitchen floor bleeding from a head gash & elbow wound.
Hello 911.....please send an ambulance..... They even brought a fire truck to our house!
They are now at the hospital having lots of tests run. G-Pa Bob will also need stitches.
Muffin & I are staying home to take care of Daddy while they are gone.
Lily Belle


  1. Oh get well soon G-Pa Bob.
    Bet you're doing a grand job looking after Daddy!
    Take care, lots of luffs and hugs
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. So sorry to read that and it seems never ending. We so pray things will get better for you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh no! Paws crossed that Grandpa Bob is okay.

  4. Oh no! Paws crossed that Grandpa Bob is okay.

  5. We have our paws crossed that G-Pa Bob is ok too!
    Lots of POTP!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. Oh goodness, Kim. Not again! Will that dark cloud ever move on from your house? It seems to follow wherever you go. Still saying prayers for Rolf and we'll add Grandpa Bob now too. And we'll also keep our paws crossed for a wind to come along and blow that old dark cloud out to sea never to return and bringing in good health for everyone at your house.

    We love you..

  7. Oh no! I hope G-paw will be alright. Sending him our healing vibes and prayers.

  8. Pug Paws crossed for Grandpa Bob!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. OH NOES!!!! OMD, Poor Gpa Bob!!! I'm with Amber, I thinks all of Blogville is gonna get together and blow that big dark cloud away from your house! Then all that there will be is sunshine and rainbows! ☺
    In the mean time, I am sendin' lots of healin' vibes for your Gpa Bob and YOur Pops, and LOTS of AireZens for your Moms!!! (and a margarita....oh hell, a whole pitcher!!!! ☺)
    Ruby ♥

  10. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Poor Grandpa Bob. We are so sorry to hear that he had a bad fall... We are sending him POTP..
    Good that you two are home to take care of your dad. Hope that he is doing better now...

  11. Oh no, so sorry to hear about G'Pa Bob had a fall. Hope he is feeling much better very soon.
    Dip and Elliot x

  12. WOW...guess we better get some POTP going for Grandpa Bob!

    The Mad Scots

  13. So sorry to hear this. We are going to huff and puff as hard as we can to blow those dark clouds away from you for good!!! We hope Grandpa Bob is OK.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Oh no. Grandpa Bob, we're sending you love and hope you are feeling better real soon. Good job mates on taking care of dad.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  15. Oh no! We are very sorry to hear it and hope he isn't injured too badly!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. Oh, Lily Belle! We hope Gpa Bob is okay now. Yikes. You've had too many rough times! Tell everyone to be extra extra careful, please.

    My mom sure wishes she could come over and make your mum a cup of tea.

    Tootsie & Renee

  17. Oh no...falls are so scary! We hope grandpa Bob is ok! Sounds like your dad is home and we are glad to hear that
    Hugs all around
    Madi and mom

  18. Oh no! We're thinking of you. I hope that Grandpa Bob is doing well now. Life has been too tough for you lately.

  19. Oh dear...we are so very sorry to hear about Grandpa Bob...and send all kinds of prayers and hugs for you all. It is never ending it seems. Hang in there and take good care of your Daddy.

  20. Oh no - that is so scary. We are thinking of you!

    Monty and Harlow

  21. I sure hope he is doing better now. We will keep you in our prayers.

  22. OMD....healing rays are being sent! Thinking of you guys!!!

  23. Poor Grandpa Bob! I will cross paws for him. Mommy is praying for all of you, cause you sure have more than your share of hospital stuffs and we want it to end for you!! We love you all so much. Please take care and everyone BE SAFE!

    Loveys Sasha and Anne

  24. Oh, Saint Kim! Oh my. Paws are crossed for you, and Mom is sending huge human love. This is all too much. Thank you so much for the update; we've been so worried.

    Be careful as you are driving and such; this is too much stress.

    Sending much love,
    Renee & Tootsie

  25. Kim I will say a prayer everyday that you find the strength you need to face each day. Bless your heart...I sure know about elderly parents falling and the damage they can do to their fragile paper thin skin. I hope Rolf's appt. went well.
    Lots of hugs


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