Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life's Lemons

Awhile back Mommy tried to sell our Lemonade Stand but we had no takers. We've had way too many lemon's thrown at us AGAIN and frankly, we are soooooo tired of it! But what can a person or a dog do about it, right? So we're back to making lemonade.

G-Pa Bob is still in the hospital. Today will be his 13th day in there. He is enjoying the excellent care, pretty nurses, nice therapists, and of course, the 3 square meals a day. Isn't it always about the food!

It's been determined that as of now, his body is no longer producing any new blood cells. He has been receiving blood transfusions from the Blood Bank. Remember people, your donated blood can help people like G-Pa Bob stay alive. The only way to find out why he is not making new blood, is to do a bone marrow test. Our Doctor highly advises against it due to many factors like age, health, etc. Mommy will not put him through that. Unless a miracle happens, he will require transfusions for the remainder of his life. We think they should install a device in him that will ding really loudly and say "oil change required."

The Neurologist has determined that G-Pa Bob has Hypothyroidism and they gave him a new daily medicine for that. The other big concern is that he now has Foot Neuropathy. In his case, this means that his brain is not telling his feet what to do so when he tries to stand up he wobbles and falls down. They attribute this to hitting his head in the kitchen on the 13th. He has taken 4 hard blows to the head in less than a week. These have really taken its toll on his "coconut." Poor G-Pa Bob, doesn't know which end is up anymore. The Neurologist said his brain remains in a "dream state" even when awake. Mommy has been spending most of her time sitting at the hospital with him.

If all goes well today, he may be transferred over to a Rehab Facility for care. They were going to move him yesterday, but he required 2 more units of blood and by last night there were no longer any beds available at the facility. The facility will check his blood weekly and will take him to the hospital as an out-patient for any transfusions needed. We really miss having him at home!

Daddy is doing well with his recovery and that makes us all happy! They removed the drainage tube and his 6" incision is healing nicely. Still no lifting us up or driving, but we're all getting used to that. So Mommy has to do all the work at home. She does it all late at night when she gets home from the hospital.

Muffin had her annual exam and shots last week and this time did NOT get sick from the shots like she did last year. That's bcuz the Vet gave her a shot of Benedryl first. Butt, we did get a call last night and she has a low glucose level. WTF! Mommy will have to take her in next week for another blood test to re-check it.

I, Lily Belle, go back in mid April for my kidney re-check.

Amongst this all, Mommy got an e-mail the other night from someone up the road from us (a newer neighbor that she didn't know) that his 16 year old doggie who is deaf and blind wandered away from the yard. As soon as Mommy arrived home from the hospital, she hopped in the golf cart and joined in the search party. The owners were frantic trying to find their sweet girl. We live in a huge, private community with 3 golf courses so we knew it would be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. There are lot's of ponds and lot's of alligators too which made things worse. Mommy helped search for days and hours, as much as she could. Wait for it..... There is GREAT news! Isabella has been found and is doing well. She wandered about a mile away from home and was found by some nice lady who took her in and fed her and loved her. She took her to the shelter and from there was reunited with her owners. A very happy ending.

Well there you have it furends, the latest news from our end. We sure wish we had something better to report. Maybe we need some Fairy Dust sprinkled over our heads.

Oh, we forgot to mention how Mommy is doing..... All we can say is she's "tough like bull!"

Mommy is trying to keep up with all of you in Blogville and tho can't comment often due to lack of her time, she is there lurking in the background.

Love you all!

Lily Belle

Sunrise in our back yard


  1. There's not much more we can do except keep our paws crossed for all of you. We're glad to hear there is some good news as far as your daddy is concerned.

  2. This comment is from Deb-----Its hard for us when we read your post Kim because we cannot rush over and DO something for you. Very hard. I wanted to share with you when my grandpa was very sick in the hospital and his brain was not working very well anymore, I would go and sit with him for hours, he usually did not know but I did. Grandpa always loved country music so I took in his beloved old radio plugged it in, and put it close to his bed, so he could listen to it and not the noises of the hospital, one day I was sitting beside him, listening to the music, and crying and he reached up and patted me on the was his last gift to me. I will always remember that. He was a good grandpa to us. I know you must look up into the sky at times, and wonder what the heck.....I am so glad your husband is healing and that muffin and lily are close by you to love on you. I was also so very happy that dog was found....that was just great!!!!! Always in our hearts.....deb

  3. Sending you lots of luffs and hugs, will be thinking of you all
    Take care
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Oh Lilly Belle! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers
    Lily & Edward

  5. Keeping everyone in my prayers.

    Aroo to you,

  6. We think of you all often and always keep you in our thoughts and prayers. We hope one day soon the lemons will grow sweet. Till then we are here for you if there is anything we can do just ask. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. My dearest Lily Belle, Lady and I are happy to get the update, but OMD, still so much going on in your lives! We pray folks are coming along side Aunty Kim to help her with G-Pa Bob and with your Daddy. Glad he is healing. Don't let him pick you up no matter what. DO you get to go visit G-Pa Bob?
    That sunrise photo is a reminder that a new day is coming. Let that encourage you.
    Much love and licks,
    Your Marley

  8. I'm sorry you're all going through so much trouble! We keep our paws crossed for you that everything improves. Maybe finding Isabelle safe and sound was a sign that things will get better!

  9. I'm sorry you're all going through so much trouble! We keep our paws crossed for you that everything improves. Maybe finding Isabelle safe and sound was a sign that things will get better!

  10. Thanks fur the update. We will be thinking of your family and G-pa Bob. I am glad the lost dog was reunited with its family.

  11. You know that Ernie and I have Mad Love fur Grandpa Bob... We are so sorry to hear all of this is going on with him .... POTP fur GrandPa Bob. AND fur your MOM who is keeping everythingy Together fur Everybuddy.
    Glad that Muffin's check up was so GOOD and that the Shots did not cause trouble THIS TIME...
    OMD we want to tell you that our MOM is a Blood Donor.... she has given OVER 2 Gallons... She wishes that everybuddy would donate when they are able. It does SO much GOOD.

  12. We are sending lots of chi love to Grandpa Bob and hope he is well enough to leave the hospital soon.
    So happy you found the little dog, what a lovely person your mum is, especially to help after just getting back from the hospital, big hugs to her!
    Also glad to hear your dad and Muffin are okay and she didn't feel ill after her shot, that sometimes happens to Dip.
    Dip and Elliot x

  13. I know you love Grandpa Bob and I hope they can keep him comfortable, as you help your family smile when they can. Donating blood is impawtent. Mom has the "Oh!" king of blood which everyone can take so she donates ever 2-3 months, even though she HATES needles.

    You will be in our thoughts.

    Abby Lab

  14. We think the last drop has been squeezed from those lemons and it is time for some sweet peaches or something like that. We hope Grandpa Bob can recover and be home when the time is right. So good to hear that Dad is doing well. Mom could really use a break and a very big vacation with NO problems. All paws crossed for all.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. OMD....Kim, you have to tell Mommy your secret to keeping your sanity! You have so much on your plate too butt you're handling it so well. Mommy is falling apart at the seams trying to keep all of us in line and then making the 90-mile one-way trip to visit Shelly.She says she's dead on her feet or her feet are dead or her brain is warped or something like that. BUTT we are all sending lots of hugs and lots of love and lots of prayers to every one of you. Now....about that LEMONADE.......

  16. Your mommy is a trooper! POTP to everyone!

  17. What great lemonade you are making.....we are sending lots of POTP that everything evens out for your Mama soon!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  18. Mommy says just when she thought it couldn't rain anymore on your house, something new happens. I will continue to cross my paws tight and I am sending love and hugs. Mommy is praying and she says, that room with a view is waiting for your Mommy and mine. There will be lots of wine and maybe pizza. Take care all of you. You are surrounded by love and good thoughts. Just to be safe, I am sending a fresh batch of magic bubbles your way tonight. Watch for them please

    Loveys Sasha

  19. Tell your mom to keep hanging in there. Its a tough job!!
    We have paws crossed here.


  20. Your mom is a good soul! One day she will be blessed for everyone she takes care of. We are glad your daddy is coming along well and hope your G'pa is feeling better with the 3 squares and pretty nurses. You have LOTS of alligators? YIKES!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  21. Bless your sweet mom"s heart! The men in your life are lucky to have her!
    As always sending purrs ans hugs and head butts
    madi and mom

  22. We are sending you so much love and support. I am glad that grandpa loves the nurses!!! And that your dad is getting better. And thank goodness that Isabella was found. Your mom is an amazing person, finding the energy to search with all she's going through.

  23. There is so much going on in your lives that I am especially grateful that you stopped by to give your condolences on the passing of my friend Tungsten. Thank you very much. I am sorry to read about your G-Pa Bob. It must be hard on him and the family. I'm pleased that your dad is doing better, and very pleased that old Isabella was found alive and well. At sixteen, she needs all the care she can get, and no doubt deserves. Thank you again and God bless you.


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