Monday, March 9, 2015

A Successful Surgery

Daddy had a successful surgery for his hernia today. The Surgeon said it was larger and was up starting to pop out higher than anticipated. So he reinforced the whole area and Daddy will be as good as new in 6 weeks.

They are keeping Daddy in the hospital for a day or two since it was a fairly extensive surgery especially right after having kidney surgery 6 months ago.

Daddy has a drain in his belly but this one Mommy doesn't have to take care of. Daddy won't be allowed home until the drain can be removed. Then our nursing skills get put to work once again. Lot's and lot's of naps and ice cream will be prescribed.

Poor guy was so hungry he said tonight that the hospital dinner was delicious! Blame it on the pain meds.....

Thank you for all your kind and loving words during yet another stressful time in our lives. Blogville ROCKS!

Lily Belle & Muffin

P.S. I, Lily Belle, am so far tolerating the new kidney medicine and have had no side effects.


  1. Sending love and prayers that your Dad feels better soon

  2. Fantastic news--for both of you. hope he's home soon.

  3. YAY!!!! We are so happy the surgery is done AND a success. All paws crossed for continued healing.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. So glad to hear this good news! And glad he's tolerating hospital food. Shelly just refuses to eat a thing from the hospital kitchen. They're threatening to put the feeding tube back..... Your Daddy will be back home with you before you know it!

  5. Sounds like things are looking up, YAY!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. Wahoo, the surgery went well and Lily Belle is good on her meds. Yay!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. That is very good news!! Yahoo for your Daddy. I bet you can't wait for him to come home so you can help him feel better. Lily, I just know you will be fine if you take your medicine. Love to all of you. I am still crossing paws and Mommy is praying

    Loveys Sasha and Anne

  8. Yay dad praying for a speedy recovery.

    Aroo to you,

  9. That's great news, well done Dad! And well done you on your new meds
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  10. Great news and we look forward to hearing that daddy is back home. Onwards and upwards and as always you all are in our thoughts and prayers. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. WONDERFUL News.... we are so GLAD to hear that Mr. Rolf is getting along so well...already. WHEW...
    AND Lily Belle... it is excellent to hear that your medicine is doing such a good job fur you.
    All will be MUCH better once Mr. Rolf is home with you... where you girrrrls can tend to his ever wish and whim. we are Still sending you both POTP.

  12. Oh, thank PAW! We came by to be sure you were all okay. What good news. And dear Lily Belle, thank you for your pupdate, too. So relieved you are tolerating your meds.

    GIVE YOUR MOM A KISS for us.

    Tootsie & Renee

  13. We're glad everything went okay!

  14. Well...gues we had our head in a we missed the post about this....anywho our fault....but so glad that Dad is doing good...we will still send over some POTP for him to heal up fast so he can spend more time with you guys!

    The Mad Scots

  15. Glad to hear Rolf is doing well. Paws crossed for a quick and full recovery.

  16. So glad your daddy is doing well, now we just need to find some help for your mom! :)
    Hope mom & everyone else is doing well - so happy Lily is doing well on the meds. <3

  17. So glad that the surgery went well and Rolf is already anxious to eat. Still sending POTP for him and for Lily Belle.

  18. WooooHooooo!!! OMD, this is FABulous news!!! I am glads that your Pops will be home soon, and that the tough stuffs will be taken care of before he leaves the Hospital! I am sendin' LOTS of POTP to your Pops and to you Lilly Belle!!!! I am so glads the new meds are working and that they are not affecting you badly!!
    You gives your Moms lots of BIG {{{hugs}}} for me and Ma!
    Ruby ♥♥
    pees: Ma is sendin' your Moms a pitcher of margaritas...I thinks she deserves it!!! ☺

  19. We are so happy to hear surgery went well!!! Still sending POTP for recovery and glad to hear Lily's meds are working!

  20. yayayayayayay for Dad Rolf and Lily Belle being such good patients and doing as they should!
    we are glad the hospital won't let you Dad leave until the drain can come out!!
    Hugs madi your older bfff

  21. Well...that is just the bestest news on all fronts!!! So happy everyone is feeling better....


  22. I am happy to know you and your dad are doing well.
    Let your mom know that I have been praying for you all
    Take care
    Lorenza's mom


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