Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Whew! Mommy needs a nap...

Hi Furends! We're sorry that we've not posted in a while butt it has been really busy around here lately. Why not grab a cup 'O Joe, get comfy, and sit a spell while we tell you all about it!

Furst we gotta tell you that Grandpa Bob is Cancer FREE! Tho he has some really nasty scars, that is something he can live with. We are THRILLED that he received such good news in the Cancer category!!

Taking care of Grandpa Bob

For those of you who have asked, bcuz we are such great hunting dog's, Grandpa Bob did NOT eat any of the M&M's. We warded off any and all attempts of him sneaking any of the goodies outta the Benny's Buddies jar. The jar now resides at Benny's house where his Mom is gonna enjoy eating those M&M's one by one.

And speaking of our good furend Benny, please continue to remember him in your PRAYERS and GOOD THOUGHTS.

Anyways, Grandpa Bob has some other health issues that we are dealing with. He has to go for a colonoscopy in September and have a rubber hose stuck up his butt. We told him not to worry bcuz every time we go to the V-E-T, they stick stuff up our butt's too and it ain't so bad.

He also is having a C-Scan next week because his aneurysm that was stented a few years ago is growing again. We hope that it will not require any surgery but won't know fur sure until we get the results.

Grandpa also has COPD which is getting worse and he wheezes quite a bit now, has a bad back which prevents him from walking any distance, is VERY forgetful and also suffers with depression.


On a good note, our doorbell has been ringing like crazy!  We pawticipated in many of the Benny's Buddies happenings that took place here in Blogville. We're gonna show you what we mean.....

This came in the mail from Frankie and Ernie. We were one of the Benny's Buddies winners on his blog.

We were so excited to have won this beautiful magnetic picture frame and the pawsome book that our furend Reuben wrote.
Look how beautiful we look in our new frame! We have this hanging on our fridge right by the door that opens up to our food.

Now if you don't have this book in your reading library, you are missing out!
Read it Mommy, read it!

We've been reading it every night and it's so hard to put it down. Reuben shares a lot of his wisdom and we're learning so much.

Then we got this in the mail from our beautiful furends, Lassie and Benji.

Mommy loves this beautiful rubberband bracelet. It's very patriotic and she is proud to display it on her wrist.

We were squeeling with delight when we unwrapped this hand-made, personalized, ornament! Mommy has it hanging over our picture at the moment. She will bring it to Florida when we leave to go back in November and hang it on our Christmas tree. This will be our furst ornament with BOTH our names on it.

And look at another surprise gift from Lassie and Benji. We call him Chicken Little. Muffin has "claimed" this as HERS! I can't even get near him.
And then, can you believe yet another "winning" package arrived? Yup, winner, winner, chicken dinner!
I immediately sniffed it out and knew right away that I just had to open this one pronto!
Look at this! I knew I smelled correctly....
Our furend Sasha shipped herself to us! I opened the lid to the box and she popped right out. I had to give our furend many kisses bcuz we were so excited to see her in the fur.
Just LOOK at all this foodable stuff she brought with her! A totally pawsome cookbook with bone shaped cookie cutters and some really yummy treats too. Sasha must have slept the entire way to NY bcuz she didn't even open the treats.

That was so much fun being a part of Benny's Buddies! Blogville is an amazing place and we are thankful that we could do our little part to help Benny.

Now we got one more box in the mail for something we won over at Dachshund Nola's blog a little while back. This took a little bit of prep work but we had so much fun doing it.

We won a FREE canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints. You can click on the link to check them out or go to

Let us unveil it for you right now....

Shipped nice and safe and secure!

This is perhaps Mommy's favorite picture of me and is also the Lily flower that I am named after.

I loved it so much that I even tried to sniff my own butt.

Like Nola would say "I'm, gawjuss!"

 Hi Lily, I'm Lily.
Hey wait, you're Lily?
But I'm Lily!

We went for a walk in the park with Mommy, Aunt Rona and BFF Freeda last week. In the 2 month's we've been back in NY, this was the first time Mommy has gotten out of the house to have some fun without Grandpa Bob. She told Daddy if she didn't get out of the house she was gonna kill someone. Daddy must have believed her bcuz he stayed home with Grandpa for the hour that we were gone.

Muffin HATES to walk. And I do mean HATES! Mommy had to drag her fat butt out of the van. Then she yanks and pulls and cries and pants the entire time and makes everyone miserable. We should have left her home with Daddy.

I got really stinky by rolling all over a dead mouse. Yes that resulted in a nice bubble bath when I got home.
Here's Grandpa Bob at a concert in the park. He loved the old music and sang along to many songs. Mommy even packed a sweet little picnic dinner.

They ate peanuts and tubular meat things in a roll (which we will NOT mention the name of) at the Ball Park.
(The Dr. said to keep Grandpa as active and as stimulated as possible, so Mommy tries to do a lot of activities with him. It's like pulling teeth to get him out of the house butt once they get to where they are going, he has a great time. Thank goodness he has a good walker and a wheelchair.)
We bought our Daddy a little prezzie bcuz we love him! He can add this to his PEZ collection.

The humans all went to see the PGA Trophy at Oak Hill Country Club. The PGA is right up the road from our house and Daddy will be there all week watching the pro's whack the little white ball.
Grandpa enjoyed going to dinner in downtown Rochester and this was the view from their dinner table. (Mommy wishes she brought her good camera bcuz it was truly beautiful.)
And this pizza went in their belly.

I alerted Mommy to this little baby Robin that fell out of his bed onto our deck. Mommy had to move the deck chair bcuz he was wedged in there. His Mom was in the tree yelling HBO words at him. So Mommy picked him up and put him back where he belonged.
Here's the little tyke taking a nap. (No, he's not dead)
Here's our selfie showing that Mommy was very proud of me for not hurting the little baby bird.
Butt rest assured, I'm keeping a close eye on him!
Daddy has been very busy doing his own things and we've not seen too much of him. Rochester has a lot of wonderful concerts and events that are all free that he likes to go to. Unfortunately, Mommy can't go with him. She said it's not safe to leave us home alone with Grandpa Bob. (Mommy even had to take Grandpa with her so she could get her hair cut the other day.)
Daddy said his retirement isn't supposed to be like this and that makes Mommy feel bad. Butt..... Mommy is a tough cookie and doesn't take crap from anyone, so she told him deal with it, bcuz this is life at the moment! Hello, hello, hello... You think she likes to stay home 24/7? Don't think so!
Then this morning, Mommy had just made her cup of coffee when Muffin hopped on her lap and tried to hump her leg. Muffin caught the end of the couch wrong, fell backwards into the table and knocked over the entire 20oz mug of hot coffee. Muffin was fine but Mommy's laptop, cell phone and white carpet got a good dose of caffeine. Muffin then proceed to barf all over the carpet and even barfed behind the couch. Mommy just laughed, looked upwards towards the ceiling and said "bring it on Lord, bring it on!
We know that Mommy could use some time off from life but that's not possible when you take care of an 88 year old. Mommy will ALWAYS put others before her and that's one of the many things we love about her. As mentally and physically tired as she is, she works hard every single day to give all of us the best there is.
Mommy always says that when she gets to Heaven she knows that her Mom will be there to meet her and THAT will be her GREATEST reward. Butt we know that Grandma is gonna give Mommy a big old hug and tell her "you done good kiddo!"
Well furends, that's a lot of ketchup for one day, don't you think? (Did you notice I made a Frankie funny?)
We're just gonna let Mommy take a little nap with us right now. She sure deserves it! 
Lily Belle & Muffin

P.S. We meant to post this earlier this evening, butt that little thing called life got in the way again!


  1. Well you tell Mommy to take as long as a nap as she wants. We wish we could send her on a nice long r&r.

    Really Kim that's a lot on your plate and we are keeping you lifted up in prayer. Your right it will all be worth it in the end but it sure don't feel that way when you are in the thick of it. Big hugs my friend...your amazing!

  2. Wow, y'all have been so busy! Thank dog Grandpa Bob is cancer free! You got lots of cool drool stuff in the mail, too. Give your mommy a big hug from us! She's got a lot on her plate, and she's a hero to us!

    Your BFFF, Nola

  3. We think Grandpa Bob is just tuckered out from trying to find those M&Ms! Glad to hear his good news.

    We'd like to have that chicken.....and the treats.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  4. You have so much going on. You and your mom person must have super powers to be able to handle everything thats going on. We are glad u have won so many prizes lately, you deserve them, it must be very hard taking care of Grandpa Bob, glad to hear your mom person is giving it her all to take care of him. So many humans just stick their old folks in nursing homes, we r so happy to read u r taking care of him yourself. Bet your Mom person,s mom is smiling down from heaven saying how proud she is of you.

  5. OMD so much going on. Love all your swag. That is one epic haul. Play bows to you for rolling in some stinky goodness. A mouse....epic win there pal. We also are impressed that you dealt with the baby bird situation. Nice one. We feel for mum looking after Grandpa Bob. We know it can't be easy. The big man upstairs sees all and your kindness won't go unnoticed mum.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. OMD you have been busy! Great news about your human grandpa!!!! And love all the swag. Hope things continue to look up!

  7. Yea for Grampy Bob! And yes we did get that jar of M & M's, BOL. You guys sure made out good. Look at all the prizes
    Benny & Lily

  8. OMD, guys! You should start your very own newspaper! Great reporting job! So glad that Grandpa Bob doesn't have any signs of the C monster. Keeping our paws crossed that everything else turns out OK too.

    Your Mommy is a true angel. She will be rewarded greatly when she gets to the Bridge, but she needs some of those rewards right now. Just keep giving her lots of pawhugs and cuddles and it'll make her happy.

    Luvs Ya!

  9. We need a nap after all those adventures. We have our paws crossed for grandpa. You got a lot of cool stuff. Tallk soon. Lee and Phod

  10. OMD We just LOVE this post... You should let your mom have some time to Kick Back and RELAX and READ Reuben's book...
    You two look soooooo cute in that refrigerator frame... and WOW your PAINTING Lily!! THAT is GORGEOUS..
    We are thrilled that Grandpa Bob is C-Free ! We know that he is sometimes a bit "difficult" butt you are soooooo lucky to have him there making fantastic Memories.
    OMD SASHA came to visit you? And look at all the thingys she brought to you.
    Awwwww you SAVED that baby robin. THAt is fangtastic.
    We THROUGHLY enjoyed your post. It was like being PAWT of your family.

  11. Hi everyone! It is so good to hear from you. There sure was a lot of news to share. We're glad you won so many things especially that canvas print (You are gawjuss Miss Lily Belle!).

    Next time you girls are taking a walk at the Perinton park let us know so we can meet you there too. We recognized that bridge in your picture. Do you girls go to the concert with the people too? We would love to meet you at one of those events.

    Momma Kim you are doing a fantastic job taking care of your fur babies and your daddy and are glad you can get out once in a while. We sure hope we can get together sometime before you head south again, but know it is not easy for you.

    Take care and much love from all of us.

    Millie, Walter & Cindy

  12. WOW Lily, you guys and Mommie have been busy, you sure earned a nap, hope she gets to enjoy it! You guys wore us out with all that activity, now we gotta go take a nappie poo, see you later!

    The Mad Scots

  13. My mom says, "bless your heart Kim" for doing such a great job with Grandpa Bob. Her parents are still able to take care of themselves but also deal with health issues, grandma fell down at the gas station yesterday when she tripped over the curb. Anyway your momma is very proud of you, and we know that Grandpa Bob knows how blessed he is that you stepped up and help take care of him. I think it must be hard for your Daddy to know he has to have your care, cos he had always taken care of you when you were a little girl. It must be hard on his heart when he thinks about that, Mom's Dad shows those feelings when he gets gruff cos that is how he handles things. One time when mom was 18 and she was flying to germany all by herself to live for 8 years, her dad was out in the field planting corn, and he didn't even come into the house on the day she left, but called on the cb radio and gruffy told her goodbye. At first it hurt her feelings but later on in life she realized he just couldn't do that, it was to hard for him.
    We love all those presents that you guys got!!! we really love that picture of lily and the lily.
    To answer your question about those neighbor pugs. Maggie and Gus are hardly ever calm, they run around all day crazy, playing bitey face, stealing toys, etc...the onlytime they calm down and act normal is when mom takes them out for a walk and they get exercise...that helps alot. Not the kind of run around in the fence yard exercise but the kind where they get their harnesses on and go for a nice long walk. The problem with that is the heat and humidity, cos pugs can't cool them selves down very good, so we have to wait on nice weather, which we haven't had much of.
    Sorry this is so long and wordy!
    Hugs a bunch
    Stella Rose

  14. You're a HERO for saving that baby bird!! We're so glad to hear the good news about Grandpa Bob, too. What a grreat week!

  15. Lily Belle and Muffin, that was one long story butt we loved every minute of it beclaws it just shows what a wonderful mum you have. Our mum misses our Poppa sooooo much and seeing photos of Grandpa Bob makes her feel good. We are sorry that he isn't well and mum knows how difficult this can be cause she helped our Poppa and Nana too when they weren't well. Our Poppa was 86 when he passed but mum says she would have liked another ten years or more. We are sending your mum slobbery kisses for being such a wonderful daughter. Hey, maybe you could buy your mum a nice smelly candle and she could soak in a bath and read your new book. Of course you would have to sit with Grandpa Bob and watch TV while she does this.

    You had a grreat lot of prizes from the competitions. Well done mates. Enjoy them all. Hope the little robin survives. Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  16. HOLY COWS!!! Geesh, you gurls sure have been busy bees!!! YEA Grandpa Bob!!! So cool that there are no Evil C's!!! Butts, Ma knows how you feel abouts the other 87 hundred ailments that Grandpa Bob has. Gma had them too. And yes, a wheelchair and walker are truly Godsends!!
    Oh man, and rolled in a dead mouse??!! Cool. Definitely worth the bath!!
    I'm gonna give your Moms some virtual {{{{hugs}}}}} cause she's bein' a Super Hero! Yups. That's what I said.
    Okays, you keep an eye on that baby burdie! Remember, they DON'T taste like chicken...
    Ruby ♥

  17. Holy Dogs, what a great post with so much great information and ketchup! Thank you for sharing everything. I am so happy about Grandpa Bob that I did a little dance for him. You all had a nice walky and good job on the dead mouse. Congratulations on all the swag you got from auctions and stuff. Your Mommy is very special for taking such good loving care of Grandpa and she deserves all the loveys you can give her. I was so happy that the baby robin got saved. You sure have lots of excitement over there.

    Loveys Sasha

  18. WOW!! You have been busy!! Thats great about grandpa, hope the other tests come out ok too. Sounds like your post guy should just plan on coming to your house, you really made a haul!!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  19. Hurray for grandpa bob!!! And you do look very nice in that frame!

    Your pal, Pip

  20. That's WONDERFUL news!! :)

    Hope you have a very Happy Friday!

    Woofs & huggies! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  21. Mom, Lily Belle and Muffin....God bless your sweet loving hearts for taking such good care of Grandpa Bob and every living creature in and around you. Hugs all around and gentle kitty nose taps
    Madi your BFFF and Mom

  22. so happy to hear about your Grandpa Bob! Thanks so much for leaving such kind words on my blog this morning. I am now following yours!
    Barks and licks and love,

  23. Congratulations for that wonderful news:) You've got two salsitcha dogs? So cute... We're from Barcelona and we're new followers, that's my cat blog. (Xeti is my black cat). Have a good Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

  24. YAY! great to hear that your grandpa bob is doing better! we wish him the best of luck on the stuff he still has to do - especially that scope stuff - i hate when the vet puts the cold thermometer in my butt! =)

    that's a alot of cool stuff that you guys got! hey - can you put kibble in that pez dispenser?


  25. It's wonderful news that Grandpa Bob is cancer free! And lucky you with all the Pressies and treats!

  26. Wow - you sure won a lot of awesome stuff! We especially like the canvas print of you.

    Be extra snuggly with your momma - and tell Muffin to try to avoid spilling the coffee if she can - sounds like your momma has her hands full!


  27. Your mom is a very strong woman, but sometimes it would be nice if she didn't HAVE to be strong all the time.
    We are very proud of her for being such a giving woman... who is taking care of what she needs to take care of, not looking at it as merely a responsibility, but something she does in love.

    All we can say is GO MRS. KIM!! WE LOVE YOU!! (especially Newby <3)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,


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