Friday, June 1, 2012

Backyard Happenings

Got a rainy day today here in NY, so decided to show you some of our backyard happenings over the past week or so...

Baby Grackle

Mama Robin feeding her 3 babies

Learning to fly (one of the babies from the nest above)

Muffin ~ The Great Hunter

Cardinal admiring Mommy's water fountain

And who doesn't enjoy a good Chippie every now and then!

Hummingbird feeding on the honeysuckle on the trellis (taken from a long distance)

Baltimore Oriole
Lot's and lot's of babies this year hanging around. We can hear them all going chirp, chirp, chirp.

We also had a visit again this year from the Pileated Woodpecker but Mommy didn't have her camera with her. They are living in the woods far back in our yard. When they peck at a tree, it sounds like a construction zone.

Mommy is thrilled to see the Baltimore Oriole has also returned to our yard. Such a beautiful and colorful bird to see. We're hoping he sticks around, has a mate with him and just maybe we'll see babies like we did last year.

Kudos to Mommy & Daddy for attracting and feeding such a diverse group of birds!

Gotta go now and get back to snuggling under the blankie with my cousin (and bestest playmate) Freeda. Muffin and I got a new doggie bed yesterday and it is huge! Freeda and I gotta break it in.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Lily Belle


  1. Lovable lily , your mum takes wonderful photographs. Really enjoyed them.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Great photos! Now I'm hopping on a plane and coming to hunt in your yard
    Love ya

  3. Hey Nola,
    I'll be waiting at the airport for ya! We're gonna have a great time hunting together.

  4. Lots of babies to look at. We have some showing up already too. We need to get together for garden tours of each other's places. I would love to see your garden. We put up feeders for the hummingbirds as well as the plants. That way if we neglect the feeders there is always something for them to feed on.


    P.S. I'll pass on the message to Grill Master Chuck for Lily

  5. OMD Lily... MUFFIN is a MAJOR MIGHTY HUNTER fur sure... Now about that JELLY JAR B. Oriole feeder... Sarge's Mom and My mom had NEVER seen or heard of them until this spring... and Sarge got a B.O. to actually eat from it. VERY EXCITING stuffs fur sure!!!

  6. Ohhhh, how beautiful!
    We loved all your different birds but couldn't believe you have a wild chipmunk too, you are so lucky!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. Great photos! Have a good weekend. Deccy x

  8. rained here today too. Luv all your birdies. Dey are so purrty! We can't get any hummers here....probably too hot for them.

    Have's a nice weekend!


  9. I love all the birds in your backyard of paradise! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the new bed.

  10. Kudos is right! Your backyard looks like a haven. I'd have to chase the chipmunk, though.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  11. All those birdies are so beautiful!
    Sure it is a pleasure to have them in your place!
    Aaaand..... enjoy a good nap in your new bed!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Aww your birdies are awfully pretty!! If you read my yesterday post you'll see what happened when Mom tried to hang a new feeder on a limb that was too weak. The Birds had a great time... :D We love hearing them, and usually don't even bother them unless a big old squirrel tries to take off with food.

    Thanks for stopping by after Frankie's post about us. We've followed you for a while through Google Reader and Google Friend connect, but we didn't post any comments. I know, its important to post comments, but -sigh- its hard to just come out and say "HI" sometimes, you know??

    Hope your weekend was great.
    Shelle, Milo and Dixie

  13. Mom pretends she knows what she is doing... but she's about as dumb as a box of rocks at times. Unless she planned it... yes.. she might have planned it so it would fall and all that birdseed would just scatter so she'd have something to post about... Nah, she ain't that smart either. :D

    Milo and Dixie

  14. Wow, love the Cardinal photo, very pretty. we also had 3 baby robins in our back yard. they left the nest couple days ago. Oscar found one of them in the afternoon and i had to go rescue the baby from Oscar & rescue Oscar from the mad robin parents. LOL

  15. hello lilly belle and family!

    thank you for your visit on my blog! wow, really new york doxies visited my blog. i can't belive it. i am so proud!

    you are so cute and i am looking forward to beeing on your blog very often. :) i want to know everything about your cool new york life!

    hugs and kisses


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