Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Newest Bird

Mommy is really thrilled today! She came home from the grocery store this morning (Huh ~ She didn't buy anything for Muffin and me!) and caught a glimse of a bird outta the corner of her eye. Then she saw another and another and another. She went to take a closer look and to her amazement she spotted like a gazillion Cedar Waxwings in the front tree picking at the berries. Of course she had to run into the house like a crazy lady shouting "we gotta new bird, we gotta a new bird." Muffin and I weren't too impressed bcuz she dissed us when grocery shopping.

She musta been outside with her camera for a long time bcuz we didn't know where she went. It was dark and raining all morning so we couldn't imagine her being there that long in the rain. Do you think she was trying to hide from us?

Anywho, here is what she saw...

She was so excited about all of this, but... we would have been more excited if she brought us home a bone!

Lily Belle


  1. OMD!
    Those birdies are soooo beautiful!
    Glad your mom could take the pictures!
    Hmmm.... no bones for you....
    Well.... maybe some treats??
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. OH what a gorgeous SLEEK Bird that is!!
    So... do you want to HOST the COUCH POTATO PEELIN Event fur the Blogville Olympics? I think it would be a RIOT to be in... So does Ernie.

  3. What a pretty bird! BUT.... No treats?!?! The nerve of some people
    Love ya

  4. The cedar waxwings have invaded our yard too. I can see that they are eating from the serviceberry tree. That is what attracts them to our yard too every year.


  5. Hoomans never get there priorities right... nice bird though! Deccy x

  6. Lovely pictures!
    Best wishes Molly

  7. wow, how beautiful!! good job on getting such great shots of it, too! i think Rod would agree with Lily - bones are much more exciting.

  8. Milo has done gone cat poop crazy cause Miss Lily Belle is leaving kisses on his nose.

    (Seriously... he will have an ego like the blimp if you aren't careful!!!)

    :D Shelle

  9. Awww, poor Lily and Muffin. LOL Somehow I think you two aren't doing without, though. ;-)

    The bird photos are beautiful!!

  10. beautiful!


    PS: not even a biscuit?! you guys got jipped! =)

  11. I'm back! I saw a BIG BIRD. Lady and I loved these pics, but I am pooped from my adventure!

  12. Did you see our news? We got a new 4 legged human named Newby.
    Here is the posty all about him :)

    Thankies for the positive thoughts... I know that is what helped us to get him!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby

  13. What a beautiful birdie!!!

    Well, anytime your family might take a trip to London Mummy and me would be very happy to be your paw guides!!!!!


  14. Oh! That is a cool bird. We like to watch the birds in our yard. Momma does her best to keep the squirrels away from the feeder so they have food to eat.



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