Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weed B-Gone

Mommy has been working really hard on the back yard picking all those dang weeds. You can see just how far she's come...

The birdbaths are filled, the Hummingbird's have been seen, the birds are eating really good once again (so good in fact that Mommy can't keep up with filling all the feeders) and the chippies and squirrels are happy that Mommy is home. Muffin and I are happy too bcuz now we can chase the little chippies who live in our yard.

Resting up for chippie chasing!

Now just how do I nicely tell Mommy that after she feeds us breakfast, she can go and work on the front yard...

Lily Belle


  1. I am in awe of your beautiful weed free yard, I thinks I needs to come visit and inspect it just in case;)
    You is doxie, you is blunt so you just has to tells hers to gets to work.


  2. Wow your mom has been working very hard to get rid of all those weeds. The perennial garden looks great! Have fun chasing the chippies.


  3. What a BIG difference from the last pictures we saw! Your Momma has been working very hard and I nose you guys have been snoopervising purrty good too! You all deserve a nice vacation when this is over......or you can come back to Florida and help us with OUR big cleaning project!


  4. Like Pudds said, Tell her to get off her ar*e and get on with it!;-) Deccy x

  5. Your mum has done a really great job with the garden, do you live in a forest? Those trees are so big!
    Don't you go chasing anything Madam! Save your energy for cursing and drinking beer!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. OMD your Yard is a REAL SHOW Place!!! My mom would be DROOLIN and stuffs if she could see it. I love all the interesting stuffs you have there to look at... and not a Weed to be Seen!!!

    I'll bet you can hardly wait fur Chippy Chasin time!!!

  7. What a GORGEOUS yard!! Great job to your mama! I also love al your bird feeders, so fun!
    Love ya

  8. I can see your mom has been working very hard!
    It is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. hmmmm...the french bulldog two doors down from us says that bribery works well with the humans - but don't try to bribe them with poopie gifts: my stuffed dragon and i tried that one and it didn't go over very well...

    oh, and if your mom has time, maybe she can help us with our yard! BOL!


  10. Oh yes, breakfast is essential. Tell your mom that!

    The yard looks fabulous!

  11. Lovely Garden!!!
    Lilly the lovely Lady Dog!
    Enid x

  12. WOW, so much better, It is beautiful :)


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