Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Moon

Did you hear us howl at the moon the other night?

Muffin and I were singing a few songs that seemed to fit right in with the full moon experience...  "Warewolves in London", "Bad Moon on the Rise" and our favorite "Hot Summer Night" by Meatloaf.

We were having a grand ol'e time out in the yard waking up all our neighbors and I think we woke up all the critters too.

Mommy & Daddy then went out alone for a ride on the 'Fred Flintstone peddle  cart' to take some more pictures.

When they came home, I saw Daddy dancing with Mommy outside in the moonlight. I could hear them swaying slowly to one of their favorite songs "Moon River." I was gonna take some pictures of that big event, but I decided to let them have their romantic, private moment together without getting into the middle of it all.

I hope you all had a great Super Moon night!

Lily Belle


  1. It sure was a beautiful moon!
    Your BFF Nola

  2. My peeps are so lame, they totally missed it. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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