Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where Have All the Flowers Gone

I gotta tell you, when you wake up late, strange things happen around the house. I decided to sleep in a bit this morning cuz I was still really tired from howling at the moon the other night and then there was the BIG pawty with the Dachsies with Moxie that Muffin and I attended.

When I woke at 8am....I first had to do my morning push-up's. Can't start the day without a real good stretch.

Then I gotta walk some laps around the house.

Then like a good girl, I gotta go outside.

Hey, what's going on out here and just WHAT did you do to our yard?

OMD! Mommy run quick! We've been robbed of all our beautiful sunflowers!

(Little did Lily know that today was the day the gardener came to take all the sunflowers away.)

"Don't worry" Mommy says... They will grow again next year!

Lily Belle


  1. OMD!! I hope you gave him a good barking for taking all the flowers!

  2. What!!!! No More Sunflowers...dat is terrible!

    Dat weekend pawty sure was fun!

  3. That's one impressive yard! Deccy x

  4. I wanna trade yards!
    It sucks when da sunflowers die cuz they is so purties.


  5. You can be heres at around 6ish..or nows. We could sit on da porch and has a beer and talks bouts my neighbors. Dats always a blast!
    Next time you may wanna make sures da squirrel is deaded furst, dat keeps him from running off.


  6. That is very much good advice that Puddles gave you about being sure the squirrel (or Whatever) is Deaded BEFORE you try to cooker them... I'm just sayin.

    So sorry that your PREFECT Morning routine was wrecked by that terrible discovery. You would THINK that the Peeps would WARN US about thingys like that.


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