Saturday, May 5, 2012

Super Moon Saturday

Hi Friends,

First off, I'm so sorry that we've not posted in a while, but we've run into some technical difficulties on our end. We got a bad virus and it finally took down Mommys entire computer yesterday morning. It had been giving Mommy problems for over a month now and would not allow her to post to certain blog's (like Kissa-Bull's blog) and even prevented her from going to certain web sites. Yesterday it killed the computer completely. Thankfully for the wonderful people at Staples (and $200.00) they were able to banish the virus completely and restore everything on the computer. So look out world, we're back in business once again. (Just so you DO know, we were able to keep up with you all bcuz Mommy could access all your sites on her Nook Tablet. See, we love you all so much and didn't want you to think we forgot about you. But typing on the Nook is a challenge, so we didn't leave too many comments.)

The weather here in Florida is getting really, really, really HOT! It is really bothering Mommy's allergies and she is stuffy, then drippy, sneezy then weezie, coughing and hacking. She is miserable and is looking forward to getting back to NY next weekend where the weather is much cooler.

With all that going on, Mommy has also been slowly getting things packed up here in Florida and is using up the food in the freezer. She's been getting all the gardening stuff put back in the garage, chopping down plants that have seen their better days and getting boxes packed for our trip. Mommy has been busy!

My bacterial infection is much better and I am hardly scratching anymore. I gots to see the Vet this week for a final check. Muffin no longer has the ear infection. Can you tell we're Mommy's little girl's? All three of us girl's sick at the same time.

Our Baby Blue Jay was still hanging around as of the other day but we've not seen him since... Unless of course he is disguising himself as a baby Bunny that's now hanging around our yard.

Tonight we're all going to go out and howl at the big Super Moon. It's gonna be a lot of fun and I'm sure you will all hear us too. Mommy is going to try and take some pictures if she can stop coughing enough to do so.

Other than that, Daddy and Grandpa are doing well. Daddy is feeling great and is no longer dizzy (OK, maybe some dayz we think he's really dizzy but that's a whole different story.)

For our special friends ~ KB & K, we're happy to see you are making the most of each and every day. Every day together is a blessing and we are praying for you to have many, many more together.

Happy Super Moon Saturday!

Lily Belle


  1. Hap-Pee Full Moon to you guys too! My Daddy is coughin and snifflin too. Hate these allergy things!


  2. I'm glad your computer got fixed and that your daddy's better! It's terrible not being able to post. Happy full moon!
    Your BFF Nola

  3. I'm glad your Daddy and your computer are better!

  4. Last night Ernie and I HEARD you howlin at that Super Moon!! We REALLY did.

    I am sooooooo glad that the Staples Guys could fix your computer. They did it fur MY YapStop two years ago. THEY are grrrrreat.. and FAST too!! Beclaws we caught Our problem QUICK... it was FREE.. they do "TUNE UPS" fur that grrrreat price..hehehe and they just considered my problem to be a Tune Up.

    Glad you are back Lily.

  5. Thank you Lily! I am catching up, and I saw that you mentioned me and K. Thanks so much.

    I'm very glad that your humans are feeling better... wonderful nursing work!


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