Friday, April 27, 2012

I Find it Strange

I find it strange that when I went to bed last night, I WAS Mommy's baby. When I woke up this morning I heard some talk that I may have been replaced. What you say! How can that be? 

Here's how it goes....

Mommy is an early bird (no pun intended and you'll understand why in just a moment.) Every morning she enjoys sitting outside with her coffee and her camera. Here in Florida we have some beautiful birds and animals.

When she went out this morning around 7:30am, she was looking around the garden and yard to see if there was anything exciting happening. All of a sudden out of the corner of her eye she saw something move on the patio. She stood up outta her chair and there it was.

Standing (if you can call it that), right there INSIDE our doggie fenced in area was a little, itty, bitty, tiny Blue Jay. Mommy said there was a lot of squalking going on from one of the tree's. Mommy stood really still and looked around. Yup, Papa Blue Jay was hanging out on the limb talking to his little boy. (I personally think he was yelling at the little guy.)

Mommy had to get him outta our territory. She was afraid that he would get hurt trying to escape if we came outside. We would never hurt the little guy mind you, but we'd sure have fun trying to chase him all over the place.

So anyways, Mommy very slowly and carefully walked behind this little peep and guided him towards the fence and over to the garden. He must be a very smart intruder baby to follow her instructions like that. 

So now he is hanging out in the cover of the garden where we all hope he will be safe. He keeps peeking his head out looking for MY Mommy. He's getting brave and coming out from his cover and trying to hop on the grass. Mommy keeps shooing him back into hiding. She's afraid that the BIG hawks or vultures will see him and eat him for lunch.

All we is hearing this morning is "I've got a new baby boy." "Isn't he just soooo cute!" "Oh, I hope MY baby is gonna be fine."

So now you can see just how quickly things change over night. Hard to believe I've been replaced by a BIRD!

Me thinks I better go talk to Daddy about this right now!!

Lily Belle


  1. What a sweet baby Blue Jay! I've never seen a baby before! Have a great weekend!
    P.S. I think you'll always be Momma's baby Lily Belle!

  2. That baby bluejay looks a bit young to have left the nest. I assume mom and dad have been around feeding it? I hope he builds up his strength soon so he can fly to higher ground where he will be safer. He sure is a cutie though (although not as cute as you Lily Belle).


  3. Well I am sure that your mom will come to her senses and realize that YOU are her FUR REAL Baby and that this CUTE little guy is just VISITING. Don't worry.

  4. OMD girlfuriend! How could your mom DO this to you???? I'll admit, that birdie is very cute, but no as cute as YOU! You can stay with me till she comes to her senses.
    Your BFF Nola

  5. Ummm..your mom is kinda wacko likes my mum. My mum gets up at 4am and hers don't EVEN has a job to gets to.
    Nows, dis is a very distressing siuation you has on your paws. Nows lets just hopes your mom don't has to feed dat birdie. Actually, if dat happens can you gets fotos of your mom diggin' fur worms?


  6. what great shots! that was so nice of you to protect the baby bird :) although i'm sure lily would NEVER do anything to hurt a small creature!!

  7. Aw... its just that the baby bird needs your Moms help more than you do right now.... you will soon be the center of her world again, and rightly so!
    Deccy x

  8. I think that you should share your mommy right now. That baby bird needs her help! You are a big strong dog... and you'll be her baby again very soon!


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