Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Daddy

Our Daddy is in the hospital. He's been having a low pulse rate since Monday night. He saw his new (FL) Dr. on Wednesday and he was making some adjustment's to Daddy's medications. Well today he had some chest discomfort and tingling of his upper lip, so Mommy said "thats it I'm taking you in to the ER." 

Mommy said they ran all kinds of test's and all came back just fine. They are keeping Daddy overnight so that he can see a Cardiologist tomorrow morning. Hopefully they can figure out what the problem is. That means, it's girls night only in bed tonight.

Mommy is home right now with us and Grandpa. Mommy had to come home to give me my medicine for my itchies and to feed Grandpa and us. She will head back to the hospital shortly to stay with Daddy for awhile. She will also get up really early tomorrow to be with Daddy. If Mommy had her way, she'd sleep right in that hospital bed with him (but please... don't tell her I said that!). Believe me when I say, they have a love like no other.....

We will welcome any and all prayers you want to pass our way. I know we're keeping our paws crossed here!

I'll keep you posted.

Lily Belle


  1. Keeping our paws and fingers crossed here to. I hope they can figure out what is wrong and your daddy can come home soon.



  2. Oh no! Paws crossed for you daddy, I hope they find out what's wrong and he comes home real soon!
    Your BFF Nola

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with your daddy! I hope all is well and he can come home soon!

  4. My paws are crossed for your dear Dad Lily.

    The Roo Family

  5. Paws crossed here in India. Lily Belle, your mom sure has a load on her these days, what with your health challenges and now your daddy's. This is a good thing, Lily. If he has a heart problem, you've got to find out now so it can be fixed! So, don't worry and just take care of grandpa and your mom!


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