Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nurses Update

Good morning Blogville friends!

This is your Sunday nurses update on all the patients.

Daddy is still in the slammer, oh I mean hospital. The have taken him off one of his heart medications that he's been on for years. I really don't know why Daddy ever took a medicine for his heart bcuz he's got the biggest heart of anyone I know! They are going to give him a stress test on Monday. So Mommy is paking up his sneakers and socks. Run on a treadmill? Wish I could be there to see that one (BOL). Daddy calls Muffin and I every night to remind us that he loves us very much. He talks to Mommy too and she cries. She don't like it without him around.

Now our little Muffin is sick too. When Mommy came home from the hospital to feed us dinner, Muffin was scratching away. Grandpa said she tossed her cookies up all over the carpet while he was babysitting us. Mommy looked Muffin all over and noticed that she had red blotches in both of her ears. Looked like a gazillion bites and her ears were also really dirty (when Mommy just cleaned them last week). So Mommy called the hospital Vet and they said to bring Muffin right over.

Grandpa and I got to go for a ride in the van with them. So the young, cute & handsome Dr. (those are Muffin's words, not Mommy's) did his touchy & feely exam on Muffin and said she's got seasonal allergies and those are hives in her ears. She also has a double ear infection. They gave Muffin 3 BIG shots in her dupa. Mommy got ear medicine too that goes in twice a day.

By the time we got home from the Vet, Muffin was walking like a drunken sailor. That's just how Daddy was walking when we took him to the hospital. What a dizzy crew around here!

Mommy is almost ready for the looney bin. Me, Daddy & now Muffin sick ~ unbelievable! Oh and not let's forget Grandpa's 87 year old mind... So throw that into the mix and what do you get? One step closer to the room with the padded walls and a toilet in the corner.

Mommy just keeps walking around the room saying "I love being me!"

Lily Belle


  1. Oh my goodness Lily Belle! Tell your Momma to hang in there! Good luck! I hope your Daddy and Muffin are better soon! Try to have a Happy Earth Day!

  2. Oh dear. I hope all goes well for your daddy's test on Monday and the medications help Muffin with her allergies. Sounds like your mom has her hands full. I'll keep my fingers crossed and Nina will cross her paws that it all turns around soon.


  3. Thoughts and prayers for the 2 legged and 4 legged members of your family. Everything will be ok. Just hang in there and try to keep a sense of humor.

    - Miss Dixie

  4. dear poor momma
    buddy and me are sending you many,many foxterrierkisses to lighten up your heart.we wish we could help you.perhaps babysitting the two furbabies or do the walkies with grandpa,but all we can do is sending you good thoughts and keeping our paws crossed.our mommy feels with you and sends you good wishes for all the ill ones in your family and of course to your poor mom.
    we hope ,that you will soon all be together and in good condition,soon
    yours sammy the foxterrier


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