Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday's Update on Life

Hi friends,

It's been kind of busy around here so Mom has not had time to post. So today, I, Lily Belle will give you an update.

We brought Grandpa home the other day from the Vet's Hospital. He is still coughing up a storm and is on all types of medicine for his bad bronchitis. Mommy told him he has to stay in the house and can't go out to play cards with his friends. He is being a good boy (for 87) and has been listening pretty well.

Now the other day, Daddy started coughing quite a bit. After 2 days of it, I think Mommy convinced him to see a doctor today. He doesn't sound good at all and we all know he is miserable. Mommy is starting to cough now too so maybe they can get a 2 for 1 deal at the doctor's.

Mommy is also getting ready for our visitors. Uncle Bob (Mom's brother), Aunt Cindy and my cousin's Bobbo & Colleen are flying in on Saturday for a week. She has been very busy making sure everything is ready for them. Yummy ~ Mommy even made a Grasshopper Pie!

We hope that the germs around here don't jump on all of them! They were gonna take Grandpa out and do some fun stuff with him but now that he isn't feeling well, they will just have to lounge by the pool in the sun and have a few pina colada's or something. Yeah I know... Rough life!

My paw is doing great and Mommy said it appears that it is all better. I don't know why then I have to keep taking the antibiotics. Yuck! But I can sure tolerate eatting those yummy Pill Pockets.

Muffin is doing great. She's such a lounge lizzard you know. She's what we lovingly call Easy Peazy.

We're been keeping up on all of your posts and am happy to see everyone is doing so well!!

We're sending a special shout-out today to K & KB from Romping and Rolling in the Rockies. Our beautiful friend K has a form of cancer on her leg and is receiving chemo for it. She's a strong girl and the cancer doesn't stop her from living life to the fullest. She is our inspiration! You go girl!!!! And we're sending BIG doxie hugs to her Master, KB.

That's about it for now friends. Time to go out and chase some squirrels in the early morning sun.....

Lily Belle


  1. I am so glad that your grandpa is out of the vetHOSPITAL and doing well.
    BUTT I am sorry to hear that your mom and dad are now coughing. Have they had their distemper shots? Just checkin on that.

    I am really glad that you will have company to enjoy. That sunset picture is BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Maybe they has kennel cough! I bet dats it. But I is glad to knows Grandpa has been a good listener, he must be trainable.

    I heard grasshoppers is crunchy, I likes crunchy stuffs.


  3. So glad you're grandpa and your paw are doing better!
    DachshUnd Nola

  4. I'm happy to hear that grandpa is home and getting better, and that your paw is so much better!

    Thanks so much for the mention of us. We are grateful for friends like you.

  5. Gee, I hope Grandpa can soon go play cards with his friends again! Hopefully your Momma and Paw don't get too sick and can enjoy their company and the grasshopper pie! Yummy.:)


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