Sunday, March 4, 2012

Family Time

Well, I just got to tell ya! My sister Muffin is a real trip..... Our family arrived safe and sound and Mommy brought them over to the house. Muffin was sooooo excited she tinkled all over the place in their honor. (Please don't tell Muffin I told you that 'cuz she'd be embarassed. Let's just keep it our little secret.)

I heard Mommy talking to Daddy when she got home last night from the airport and this is what I overheard...

Mommy picked up her brother and family at the airport and the plane was actually early. Mommy was hoping for some peace and quiet time while she sat in the cell lot but that didn't happen. After loading up the van with their like 90 pieces of luggage, they had to drive an hour away (in the opposite direction of our house) to pick up Uncle Bob's parachute. Yup, Uncle Bob is CRAZY as he likes to jump out of airplanes. Mommy's still not feeling good from her illness so she wasn't too keen on driving all that extra way. But she decided it was better to go right from the airport than having to drive a long way another day.

Anyways, they picked up the chute. Then Uncle Bob wanted to go to the drop zone. That's where you land (hopefully) after you're stupid enough to jump out of the plane. Uncle Bob wanted to show his kids how it all worked 'cuz they want to be idiots too and jump tandem. For those who don't know, jumping tandem is when the first idiot straps the second idiot to his chest and belly area and they both jump outta the plane together while most likely the second idiot (that be the idiot in front) screams bloody murder and poops their pants.

Aunt Cindy isn't (a) very happy that her hubby does this for a hobby, (b) isn't very happy that her kids (20 & 24) now want to try this and (c) isn't very happy that it's expensive. So all of them sitting around the drop zone yesterday wasn't too pleasant of an experience. Mommy's just shaking her head at all of this.

Finally they all got on the road again and hopefully started heading home to all of us waiting for them. Nope, that's not what happened next.

Now someone's belly in the back seat is hungry. So as their driving along, it was like a 20 minute conversation on where to go for lunch. Lunch???? It's like late afternoon and now they want to stop for lunch???  Poor Mommy, she just wanted to get home.

OK, now their FINALLY on the road again heading towards home when the conversation starts on what their all going to do for dinner. Chinese, Italian, ribs, steak, seafood.... Goodness will someone make up their mind!

While that conversation is happening they tell Mommy that they have to make a stop at Wally World to get some stuff. As their pulling into the parking Uncle Bob decided that they will pick up some food to make a big spaghetti dinner at our house. What!?!? Dinner at our house??? Mommy doesn't want to be making dinner for everyone. Poor Mommy, me think's she's in for a long week...

And the saga continued the remainder of the night. I think I've bored you all enough so I'm ending my story here.

Lily Belle

P.S. Uncle Bob and the gang was gonna take Grandpa to NASA today to see all of the rocket's but Grandpa doesn't feel good this morning so the gang's going without him.

P.S.S. I should tell you that Muffin and I was real happy to see everyone again as we got lot's and lot's of belly rubs!

Grandpa & Grandson Bobby (we call Bobby 'Sarge' 'cuz he's a Officer of the Law)

Aunt Cindy & Uncle Bob

Muffin & I getting belly rubs

Grandpa & Granddaughter Colleen


  1. You're poor mom! I bet she's over this
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Looks like Aunt Cindy and Uncle Bob did the cooking so I hope your mom got a bit of a rest.


  3. I will not mention the tinkle on the floor... BUTT... BOY HOWDY am I excited to say this..

    I guess that tandem SHOOTING out of a perfectly FINE plane... causes somebuddy's Poop CHUTER to go WILD.. BAAAAAWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Get it I made a Frankie Funny Just fur your MOM I traded the Shoot/Chute words all around fur her!!
    I just LOVED LOVED this post. Somebuddy just mentioned that the bestest thingy about Blogging is the HILARIOUS posts.. and THIS is one of the BEST!!!

  4. Hi There,
    My names Pookey Bear
    Im kinda new here. I thought that i would stop by and try to make some Dachshund friends =)
    ohh and I love your post!!

  5. Yes, sometimes getting excited can make you tinkle. hee,hee! Your poor Momma! I bet she enjoyed the quiet time when everyone went to NASA! Sorry your Grandpa

  6. Wow! Google just took my comment before I finished!
    As I was saying, Sorry your Grandpa is still not feeling well!

  7. Hi Remington here! Thanks for stopping by my blog....nice to meet you. Sounds like you have a very busy life.... BTW -- I am going to follow you, no not around your kitchen....just in Blogland....I hope we can be great friends!

  8. Wow...that sounds cwwaaaaaaaaazy. Unfair that your mum had to cook spaghetti. Uh...can i have some?

  9. Wow what an adventure! I bet you're sure glad to see them all though.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Can't wait to hear you howl at the full moon tonight....I will be listening....and howling too!


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