Thursday, March 8, 2012

Full Moon Day

Hi Friends,

Lily Belle here. Just wanted to fill you in on all the happenings with us here in Florida.

Daddy is still coughing up a storm and Mommy still has a stuffer for a nose. Grandpa, God bless him is feeling great today!

Yesterday Uncle Bob and family took Grandpa to Sea World's Aquatic Park for the day. They got to ride on big tubes in the water around the lazy river. Now, that's right up Grandpa's alley. Bobbo & Colleen did go on many of the water rides but 'cuz Grandpa is 87 he couldn't go on those. They all said it was a wonderful day.

Mommy and Daddy went to the pool for a while to get some sun. Hopefully it will bake some of the icky sicky right out of them. Their 'fections are just hanging on like crazy.

Tonight is a full moon. That usually means that the crazy people get extra energy in them and do stupid stuff. Well, I know first hand how true that is!

Today the 'gang' is going skydiving. To quote Forest Gump "Stupid is as Stupid Does."

Yup, the 3 of them is gonna strap on a backpak and jump outta a plane. Now, isn't that just the dumbest thing ever? Then I'm sure Bobbo and Colleen will have to change their undies. Unless of course they bought some Depends on the way to the Drop Zone.

After all of that, they will then head to Cocoa Beach for the afternoon to play in the sand. Personally, me thinks they should stick their heads in the sand.

The good thing is, Mommy and Daddy are finally getting some quiet time around the house since Grandpa is hanging with Uncle Bob and his family. Muffin and I are enjoying it too.

Hope all of our friends are doing well!

Lily Belle


  1. Sure hope the sun bakes that "icky sicky" out of your Momma and Dad!

  2. In order fur ME to do that jumpin outta a PLANE thingy.. I would need a whole BOX of Depends... stuck ALL OVER my body... beclaws I wouldn't be wantin to Depend on a bunch of silk worms to keep me safe when I hit the ground. I'm just sayin. AND I would have to be SHOVED outta the plane kickin and Screamin...

  3. I agree with Frankie! I don't think they make depends small enough for me thoUgh. You're poor mom, I hope she feels better soon
    Love your BFF
    Dachshund Nola

  4. I hope your mom and dad feel better soon. I hope the family has fun on their jumps. Not that I would ever think jumping out of a plane could possibly be fun!


  5. Um, no offense, but are your people a little slow?? Jumping out of an airplane with a backpack on? Even dogs are smarter than that!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. BWhahahaha...OMD, has they losted their minds????? I don't thinks even my mum do dat...well, hers has phobia of heights so never mind.
    Dang, I can't believes da peeps still be sick. I hopes they gets all better real soon cuz I know it be a drag furs you. Kinda puts a damper on what yo has to do...hehehe.

    Your granda amazes me to be 87!

  7. Hi Lily! We have the icky sickies around here too. Tomorrow it's back to the doc for me - those antibiotics didn't work. I bet that playing in the sun and sand helped your mom and dad!

    I cannot imagine choosing to jump out of an airplane. They are nuts!

  8. oh wow, skydiving!! that is a little too scary for me but i hope everyone has fun!


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