Saturday, February 25, 2012

Poor Grandpa

Our poor Grandpa! Mommy had to take him to the hospital this morning. He was having problems breathing and was coughing a lot.

The Vet Doctor there said no pneumonia but appears to be a very bad case of bronchitis. Hard to be sick when you're 87 years old.

Grandpa is gonna have a sleep over there tonight. Mommy said that they are treating him really well.

Mommy just got home and is very tired from the ordeal.

Please keep your paws crossed for our Grandpa.

Lily Belle


  1. OH Lily Belle I am so very much sorry about your grandpa havin the coffs and stuffs. I will cross my paws fur him. You better get your mom to take a NAP with YOU.

  2. Oh Lily! Paws crossed for your family and grandpa!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Aaaaah Lily! I hope your Grandpa gets well soon. It's not nice being sick!!!! Me and Mummy send all our love and picks to you and your grandpa and your family!

    Sausage xxx

  4. Our paws are crossed. I hope that your grandpa is doing much better by now.

  5. oh goodness! feel better! i'm sure lily will help with those healing kisses.

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