Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Special Visitor's

Today was a VERY special day for Muffin and I. I just knew something was up when Mommy started to pick up the house this morning. She was straightening all the swively rocker chairs that Muffin and I like to sit in. We get in there, spin all around in them to get comfy and the chairs move. Then she did a quick dustin' and even made the beds!

I asked Muffin if she knew what was happening and she did not. So we both kept a real close eye on Mommy all morning while she went room to room.

Then Mommy's cell phone rang and Mommy disappeared in the golf cart. Where did she go?

Next thing we know, here comes Mommy back and a car is following her into the drive way. Who could it be??

OMD! I could NOT believe my little eyes when I spotted Aunt Rona, Uncle Steve, Grandma Shirley and Pop-Pop Joe! Hey what was going on here. Aunt Rona and Uncle Steve live in NY. What the heck are they doing here at my house in FL?

Muffin and I went crazy when we saw them getting out of the car. Bark, bark, bark, bark! But wait, where was my bestest Cousin, little Doxie Freeda? Oh dang, she had to stay home in NY with Aunt Pat and Abby.

Me & Aunt Rona (my Godmother)

Muffin & Aunt Rona
Me & Uncle Steve

Relaxing with Uncle Steve

Grandpa (L), Pop-Pop Joe & Grandma Shirley

Aunt Rona & Us

We all just had the bestest time! Darn it all... Why did they have to leave?


  1. They left???? ALREADY??? They must be very much sad about THAT. I am sure that they will miss you BOTH somethingy fierce.
    I am so very much glad that you had some grrrreat fun family time though. OH the Memories. I am Sure their scents will linger on with you fur a few days.. that HELPS to keep us from missing PRIZED PEEPS.

  2. They left already? Looks like a great time while it lasted though!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Darn! They had to leave? It looks like you were having such a great visit, too!

  4. They was only theres fur likes 87 seconds and LEFT!!!!!! What up withs dat? They came aaaaaaall da way from NY fur 87 seconds...UNBELIEVEABLES!!! But, at least you hads a good time while they was theres and you hads some family to shares some good snuggles withs.
    Your Aunt Rona looks likes her would be tons of fun.


  5. Puddles said what I was going to say... but she is so much funnier than I am!!!! I agree with her!

  6. momma laughed so hard when she read you post on Frankies blog today, wednesday about clicking on the link...she is stillcracking up
    Benny & Lily

  7. Don't ya just luv surprises!! Even though they couldn't visit long...it looks like they had a pawsome visit!

    (((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar & Schatzi

  8. Isn't it the bestest when folks come to visit and love to be with you too? We all love the ones who love us and not ignore us. Oh the puppy licks go freely then. Enjoyed all the photos you shared of the family!

  9. how fun to have all those visitors! i bet you guys got soooo many good pets :) visitors are the best because they don't tire as easily of petting.


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