Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lily's BooBoo

I can't really tell you what happened to my paw paw 'cuz I'm a d-o-g and can't talk. But the other day I started licking it like crazy. Mommy noticed and tried to see what the problem was. She had to trim some of my fur 'cuz I'm one of those 'natural' girls and don't shave. She saw that it was really red inbetween 2 of my pads. After a few days of lickin' away, Mommy called good ol'e Dr. O'Sullivan. YUCK! Not the Vet AGAIN! Well I was not really happy going back to that place again. Hadn't I been through enough with my neck surgery and all. Well, to make a long story short about how miserable I was while there, Dr. O didn't see anything stuck in there which was good, but it is infected and raw from all my lickin'. So now I get to take 2 pills twice a day. Good thing Mommy knows all about the product called Pill Pockets. They are a yummy and stinky treat that you put pills in the middle of and your furry little friend will be guaranteed to gobble them right up. I don't even know there is medicine inside of them! Anyways, then Dr. O. said I either gotta wear the C-O-S (cone of shame) or a bootie on my paw. Mommy said no cone of shame for Lily. She really worries about me and my neck. Off to Wally World we go to buy some baby socks for my paw. Mommy thought that would be a smart idea. Sure baby socks.... really tiny.... no problem right? Well the dang thing keeps falling off of me. Then they put medical tape around it to help hold it in place. Well let me tell you, when that sock is on, I'm really wounded. I'm playing it up for everything it's worth (if you catch my drift). I put on the poor little sad face and lay there like there will be no tomorrow. I sometimes will give them a little cry. Did you know that makes Mommy and Daddy run for the treat jar. Then I get all the attention I want. Works like a charm every time! Now I shall share with you one of Mommy's pictures showing you just what I mean.....

My pretty pink sock

Give me a few days and I'll be just fine ~ I promise!

Lily Belle


  1. OH LILY Belle... that sock is a true fashion statement. Milk it girrrrl MILK it fur all it is worth fur SURE.

    So sorry you have the boo boo .

  2. Oh Lily! Paws crossed you'll be okay, but for now milk it girl!
    Love your BFF
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you have your mommy and daddy wrapped around your little toe.

  4. I hope that your paw feels better very soon!

  5. Oh poor Lily Belle! I hope your paw gets better soon!

  6. Hi sorry for your owwee on the foot. But when you said "little pink sock" I thought of the cartoon "Mutts" (which I LOVE). I know it must be very annoying to have to wear and I don't blame you for the sad face. It will get better and then you won't have to wear the long as you don't lick it okay?

    I found your blog through Dachshund Nola...


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