Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We Three Girl's ~ Out and About

You're gonna fall off your seat reading this! I got to go out again today ~ Can you really believe it! Wow, I must either be getting better or am just such a good girl when I go out. Maybe it's both but I don't care.... I got out of the house again this morning :)

My Aunt Rona called this morning and invited me over for coffee. She should know better, I'm a d-o-g and am not allowed to have coffee, but she said that there were also snackies involved, so we were outta here in a heart beat. OK, I'm fessing up here. I don't drive either, so I had to bring Mommy with me. I thought I'd be really nice and I invited Muffin too. I know that Aunt Rona has a ton of love to share and I don't mind sharing that love with my sister Muffin.

Muffin and I have not seen Aunt Rona is such a long time. She works at a hospital (yuck) taking care of sick hoomans (yeah). She also has had a bad back and hasn't been allowed to have much play time because of it. And with me being sick, we've all been laying real low, in fact doxie low.

News Flash: I just heard this on TV and the news will amaze you. The average Thanksgiving meal is around 3500 calories! Wow that's a real BIG number. Hey, what's a calorie??

Anyways, we got to her house and Muffin and I had to first take care of our doggie business in her front yard before we got to go in.

Aunt Rona and my very bestest doxie friend Freeda were so excited they could hardly contain themselves. (We used to be neighbors before we had to move). I too was overjoyed and immediately had to go out in her back yard and tinkle again. Better than in the house right??

Auntie brought out the bacon treats which she knows I just love! Freeda, Muffin and I got a little taste and it was yummy. Mommy got a nice warm cup of tea and some delicious cake. We chatted, we rolled around on the floor, we checked out what was new around her house, we sniffed to be sure strange dogs didn't take my place while I was home sick, and we lounged around.

Then lawnmower man came by and we all had to go to the back door to tell him that we didn't approved of him interupting our girl's day out.

Aunt Rona is my Godmother and I love her to death. She was soooo happy to see that I am healing well and that I'm still the Lovable Lily that she loves.

Thank you Freeda and Aunt Rona for being such wonderful friends. We hated to go home, but Mommy said we needed a nap before dinner time. I'm still healing you know and Mommy won't let me over do it quite yet.


Gettin' my lovin' from Aunt Rona
My Bestest Friend ~ Freeda

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time!
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola


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