Monday, November 14, 2011

Lily's First Outing

Oh happy day, oh happy day! I just gotta tell you about the bestest day that I had today. Mommy and I went for a long ride today, ok, so it really wasn't that long of a ride but it sure felt like it! I was so excited when we arrived at Aunt Pats house. Mommy surprised me and didn't tell me that we were going over for lunch. I almost tinkled when we pulled into her driveway. My doggie friend, Abby was waiting in the window keeping a watch out for us.

Because I am still recovering, I had to keep my harness and leash on the entire time. That was OK and I really didn't mind because we were at Aunt Pats!!!! I just love my Aunt Pat and Abby. Wow... were they both excited to see me. And much to my surprise my bestest friend Freeda was there too. How nice of them to all attend "my" luncheon. I had not seen my Aunt Pat in like forever. She had a problem with her sweet little pea-pickin heart around the same time that I got sick. Thank the good man upstairs that she is now well, healing just fine and looks fantastic!! Phew... What a relief!

Abby and Freeda were equally excited to see me, as I was them. It has just been way too long since I've seen my furry little friends and I've missed them one and all.

Mommy had a great lunch and chatted away with Aunt Pat. They sat on the couch while they munched away on yummy smelling food and the 3 of us sat with them. I was extremely good and didn't try to jump off the couch or do anything I wasn't supposed to do. In other words, I laid there and looked beautiful (tee-hee-hee).

We got to spend some time outside in Aunt Pats beautiful garden as the weather was very nice. Even though her garden is dying and a lot of it has been cut back, I still picture it in full bloom. Can you believe that she still has lettuce growing? Mommy got to take some of it home and ate it for dinner.

We just had the bestest day and Mommy was happy to get out of the house too and spend some time with her grown up friends. Thank you Aunt Pat and Abby for being such wonderful hosts!

This is Mommy and friends at Aunt Pats house in June.
(L to R) Muffin, Freeda, Mommy, Abby in Mom's lap and me)

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