Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Will I ever be able to leave the house again??

Lily Belle, I just don't get it! Every time I have to crate you during the day you go crazy. First of all you should know that I don't want to crate you and do only when necessary. But sometimes I have to go out to do things. Why is it that you freak out  all of the time? I put my video camera on you to see how you behave while I am gone. When I come home, you are crying your head off and your crate is just a mess. You dig into your bedding, push it all to one side and are shaking like crazy. I watch the video and it just kills me. It is supposed to be a safe place for you and we've made it as comfy as possible. You know that I won't be gone long and I will always come back to you. Please, please Lily Belle, give me a break!

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