Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Crazy!

I'm driving Mommy crazy! I'm full of P&V and try to escape Mommy clutches every chance I get. I was good this morning tho.... Mommy was in the kitchen cooking and she let me lay in my baby doggie bed so that I could watch her. Unfortunately (dumb Mommy) put it right by the sliding door to the back yard and I went crazy when the deer came to feed! Mommy started yelling and got really pissed-off at me. I didn't like that and hung my head low. Then I got banished to my crate for a while.

Then she took me out to potty and I didn't listen to her and ran right up the stairs. I thought she was going to have a heart attack.

Poor Mommy, Muffin threw up all over the place last night in grandpa's room and she had to clean it all up this morning. Muffin has been sleeping with us upstairs again. That bitch is lucky... She get's to sleep in the big bed while I'm in "jail." Mommy took me out early this morning before the big T-storm hit. Must have gone out around 5am. She put me in the big bed after that which I just L-O-V-E-D. Then after Daddy went to work at 6am, Muffin had to go out. Mommy had to take Muffin outside while carrying me in her arms. Then had to schlep me all the way back upstairs again. Her arm's are getting stronger by the minute. (Especially since I'm not allowed to do the stairs anymore.)

Mommy baked some wonderful chocolate chip cookies today (at least they smelled good). She took them to Fairport Animal Hosp. with a very nice thank you note to all of them. They were still warm when she delivered them. She wanted to do something nice for them, as they have been so very good to me!

Daddy came home for lunch and gave me his apple sauce container to lick. He went back to work and finally Muffin and I got to take a well deserved siesta. We were really tired. All that barking and running away from Mommy used up all my energy.

Daddy is sitting with me now so Mommy can get to work on dinner. It’s so hard on her to try and get things done around here during the day. She really doesn't like to crate me if she doesn’t have to. I'm a BIG cry baby when it comes to that crate! So she usually waits for Daddy to come home from work before she 'starts her day.'

Mommy still doesn't have her microwave back yet from Sears. She called them and was on the phone with the rep. complaining that it is taking too long to get it repaired when all of a sudden Grandpa spoke up and said, "oh I forgot to tell you they called!" We sure do know how to REALLY upset Mommy. Hopefully it will be back in a few days. She has no way to heat up her yummy leftovers and I'm getting tired of eating cold dog food.

Other than that, I'm still confined to the couch with Mommy or to my crate. She went grocery shopping the other day and put the video on me while she was gone. I didn't like being in the crate so I tore it all apart. OK, I really didn't tear it apart, I just rearranged all the cushions and blankets in there. Plus I jumped around a lot and howled like a crazy maniac.
But I'm still Lovable Lily to my Mommy!


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