Monday, October 24, 2011

34 Days

Lily Belle... Today is 34 days after your surgery and Mommy is so proud of you. You have been such a wonderful girl and great about listening to all of the sit, stay commands that I give you. You have been a wonderful patient (much better than Mommy or Daddy ever was). Your neck incision has healed very nicely and you only have a small lump from scar tissue. I'm still picking off the glue they used on your paws. Not too sure why there was glue there, but probably to hold in your IV's.

Today I'm allowed to let you walk around a little bit ~ but not too much, so don't get any wild ideas about the freedom I'm giving you. I also set you up with a little area in the dining room. I moved the table over to the side of the room, and put your favorite baby bed by the front window for you. I hope that you don't freak out in there when I put the baby gates up to keep you safe in there. They are for your own protection. Otherwise, I know that you would wander around the house and try and jump on the couch.

I had you sit in there yesterday (sans baby gate) and you were so very good. You laid in your little bed in the sun. You do know that jumping is a big no-no from now on. And don't even think about doing any stairs either! I think that you will be happier in the dining room VS being in your crate during the day. You always loved laying in the sun there. (OK, so we don't have much sun these days. After all, this is Rochester!) Sometimes I have things to do during the day and roaming around the house is NOT an option for you yet. We still have quite a few weeks to go before we can add more activites to your daily routine.

Your sister Muffin is happy too that you are feeling better. Did you notice that she is hanging around you more and more every day? She really loves you Lily and was very sad when you got sick.

I know that your Aunt Pat and Aunt Rona miss seeing you, as well as Abby & Freeda too. It's still way too soon for you to visit with your doggie friends, but I know that you think about them and miss them also.

We all love you Lily Belle ~ Continue well on your healing path!

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