Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Thank goodness the big hoopla of Halloween is now over. I sat in the garage while waiting for the kiddies. My neighbor JR came outside also to hand out candy. Their dog Shatzie doesn't like the rining doorbell either. So JR and I decided we needed a glass of wine while hanging out. Rolf was gracious to bring some out to us. We had a nice time just shooting the breeze and it made the night go by fast. I finally gave up around 8:30pm and called it a night. I was pretty chilled by the time I came inside the house. Lily and Muffin were excited to see me come back in. Always a nice greeting with their tails a waggin!

10-28-11: Halloween is approaching quickly. A day of doorbell ringing that drives Lily & Muffin crazy. I think I will have to sit in the garage this year and hand out the candy. I carved this Doxie pumpkin a few years ago and thought I'd share the picture with you! I better put candy on my grocery list right now before I forget again!


  1. Dear Lily, I am so happy and thankful for the recovery you have made. Looking forward to watching you get stronger every day. It is great that your mom set up a blog for you. You are a very brave and strong girl.

  2. Happy Halloween Lily, As usual I hope you get a lot of treats along with bunches of love.

  3. Hi Lily Belle; Our weather down here has changed from severe drought 2011 to flooding 2012. One extreme to the other. Always great to hear from you. Mom had a few minutes before she goes to work this morning and I wanted to say Hello to my favorite doxie girls. I hear that is has been very hot in New York; take my advice and stay by the air conditioning. Mom and I had our walk earlier, which is always my favorite time of the day except for the times when I am hunting lizards or helping with yard work. You and Muffin take good care of your humans and yourself. Love ya, Herbie (King of Dachshunds)


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