Monday, September 12, 2011

How Freeda and Muffin Entered our Lives

Sometime's it seems like just yesterday and other days, it seems like a lifetime ago. I remember sitting at my desk at work when my Dad called me. Ut-Oh! Is it ever good news when your parent(s) call you at work? "Kim, did you get the e-mail from me?" After going around and around with Dad on the phone, I logged on to my e-mail to see what he was talking about. He was not going to tell me anything over the phone other than I need to check my messages.

I opened up the e-mail that he sent and there she was! A picture of a beautiful little honey colored, short haired, mini Dachshund that they had named Muffin. (The name Muffin was my Mother's nickname.) Are they serious? They got a Dachshund too??

Come with me now into our Dachshund time machine. I'm gonna jump back further in time and tell you just how Dachshund's became a part of our lives....

The year was 2001 and it all started right after the horrible attacks on 9/11. Our neighbor's (Rona & Steve) rescued a Doxie that they named Freedom (aka Freeda). They had just lost their beloved dog Riggins and decided it was time for another. They heard about this Doxie that was in desperate need of some love and from there it was history! Freeda came home with them that day. Rolf and I took one look into her little eyes and immediately fell in love with her too. We became her Godparent's. We got to doggie sit Freeda alot of the time and she just wrapped her paw around our hearts.

Freedom (aka Freeda)
The Original Hot Dog!
My Mom (Helen Hagen) was a gourmet cook. Do you ask yourself why this matters? Well, let me tell you. Back then, Rolf and I worked long hours. Mom would frequently come over and cook dinner for us so when we came home from work, we had a nice hot dinner to sit down to. When Mom met Freeda, well her heart melted too. So while Mom was over our house cooking, she would go next door and let Freeda out (when Rona and Steve were working). She would then bring Freeda into our house so she would not be alone. Mom would sit with Freeda and just love her up. Yeah... We got another Doxie lover in the world!

Then came Lily Belle in 2004. Lily Belle and Freeda are like sisters and when together, they are inseperable. Mom continued to come over to cook for us, get Freeda and the 3 of them now would sit on the couch and get many hours of lovin' from Grandma Hagen. Grandma loved those two little babies so damn much, she would hate to go home.

Lily & Freeda

My Dad has been retired for years, so Mom and Dad would spend the winters at their house in Florida to escape the NY cold. Muffin enters our lives in 2005. Mom couldn't stand the thought of being in Florida without a Doxie by her side. Since Freeda and Lily loved Grandma soooo much and vice-versa, Grandma decided that there was room in her heart for one more Dachshund. At 83 years young, Mom convinces Dad to adopt a Doxie.

Muffin was such a beautiful little baby and was thrilled to be a part of my Mom's life. She really was a Mama's girl. Mom started getting sick the following year and life slowed down for her. Muffin had the perfect temperment to be Mom's dog. She was mellow and loved to sleep. She would curl up next to Mom in her rocking chair (how cliche) and sleep the day away while Mom watched the Cooking Channel and read her many novels. The whole time Muffin was being petted and loving every minute of it. Their time together although brief, gave my Mom a lifetime of happiness!
Mom and baby Muffin - 2005
Because of my parents elderly age, Muffin wasn't socialized much and never did learn how to walk properly on a leash. But that really didn't matter because she was my Mom's constant companion for the next 3 years. Mom's life revolved around these 3 little Doxie's.
Lily, Muffin & Freeda
On April 18th, 2008 my beautiful Mother died in my arms.
All of our lives changed that day....

I hope to someday find the strength to write about that day, but right now I can't. The pain still aches deep in my heart. 

I will tell you, that is the day my Dad and Muffin "joined our lives full time."

Dad & Muffin
July ~ 2008

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