Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our New House

Well, it had to be done! There just was not that much room in our townhouse to accomodate my Dad and Muffin after Mom died. So off we all went to search for a new house. After about 1 month, we found a new home for us all. It was a large house and it had an in-law area for Dad. It was perfect! I packed up our house and also Dads NY townhouse, called the moving men, and here we are...
She was NOT moving away from this box. Honest, her bones were packed in there!

Our new back yard

Dunkin' D's ~ First official breakfast in our new home
Lily found the sunny spot
The new house is working out well. Lily at first was very apprehensive about the whole move but has adapted very nicely. Her and Muffin have just a load of room to explore and roam around in. Dads in-law area is awesome. It even has a full kitchen and den! It is on the first floor of the house and has its own entrance. The big guy even has his own door to the backyard deck. I believe that Mom was watching over us the day we found this house!

I'd like to also say "My husband is a Saint!"

We were tremendously sad that we had to move away from Rona, Steve & Freeda. After all, we have been neighbors for over 10 years. OK, so we're only 3 miles away from them.... But it's not like I can run next door and borrow some celery from Rona anymore ~ Ha!

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