Friday, September 16, 2011

Our New Friend Abby

What can one say about this precious little fluffy face... Abby entered our heart's in 2009. Hey, did anyone notice you're not a Dachshund? Nope! You just came right in and grabbed our little pea pickin' heart's by storm.

Abby is Aunt Pat's Cocker Spaniel. We have given her the title of "Honorary Doxie." After all, her 3 cousin's are Freeda, Lily & Muffin. Dachshunds rule this group and we didn't want Abby to feel slighted.

Abby came to be after Aunt Pat lost her beloved Meg. Meg was truly one of Gods beautiful creations and we all mourned her loss... and we mourned it hard.
Until we meet again...

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