Sunday, September 13, 2015

Life is bittersweet

It is never easy saying good bye. I've been a New Yorker for 56 years and damn proud of it too! But we all knew that the time would come eventually.

Last day in our NY home
(and no, our garbage man doesn't hate me!)
They say to never look back.
I did.
I cried.
Muffin loved the 2 days of sleep during the drive to Florida. Lily didn't enjoy a thing about it.

We stretched our leg's many times along the way.
We arrived Florida safe and sound on a beautiful sunny afternoon.
The next morning I immediately knew Mom and Dad were here with me in spirit.
Their love just shining through the trees in our backyard. Ahhh... the beauty and glory of love!
We immediately went to work tearing out the old cabinets in the garage. Thanks to the help from our favorite landscaper and his trusty chain saw.
Our new shelves will give us much more storage space.

OK, so not all of us went to work. Some just lounged around!
4 days later our stuff arrived. Butt... The people hired to unload the truck did not.
So Mommy unloaded the entire truck with the driver. She was pissed! And, she's still sore.
Butt, she got one heck of a discount because of it!!

Yes, Admiral Bagel arrived without a scratch. This is what happens when your brother helps you pack boxes. Every one of his boxes had some crack-head drawing or saying on it. He gave us all a good laugh.
We've shed a lot of tears together. Life has been tough.
He's unhappy that we were moving, but he understands.
We all had dinner together our last night in NY.
Cleaning out Dad's closet really sucked. It made everything so final to me.

Found some pictures of Dad that I've never seen here before. Go Navy!
Cleaned out his wallet and found this old picture of me in there. My fire department days.
He was so proud!
Rolf and I officially declared Florida Residency and also got our new drivers licenses.
Such a lovely mug shot!

We've been very busy unpacking box after box after box. We anticipated our load to be around 2100 pounds. We were actually at 4400 pounds! Wow, that's a lot of boxes!! We can't believe we have so much stuff. We moved into a FULLY FURNISHED house that even has our clothes in it and even our toothbrushes. What possibly did we need to bring. I guess quite a bit. Life is such an adventure.
Lily has been breaking out in horrible, itchy lumps that are really irritating her. This has been happening since her paw had that bad bacterial infection. The lumps are coming fast and more are popping up every day. I will call the Vet tomorrow. Muffin is thrilled to be back in this house. It's all on one floor and now she can go to bed whenever she wants to.
They are THRILLED to go on our evening golf cart rides again.
Tomorrow we have to find a Florida health care plan. Oh that should just be a thrill a minute. And then there are more boxes to unpack......


  1. Lily, wish I could bask on the chaise lounge with you. Maybe it will bake out those awful itchy spots. Maybe you need to go to the beach and get in the salt water. Maybe not. I hope you will all be happy in your FL home. I am glad to be back in my home. Thanks for sharing all the photos.
    Your Marley

  2. We thoroughly enjoyed checking out all your cool photos! I really wish I had been home and been able to meet you before you moved away!! Perhaps we will run in to each other in Florida? I am glad that the move went smoothly and you are all settled in to your FL home now. A few boxes here and there and you are good to go! I simply cannot believe YOU had to unload your truck...I would have been livid too!! Oh, how I wish I could join you all on your golf cart rides in the evenings. That's one of the things I miss when I'm not in the south!! Sure hope Lily gets to feeling seems as if the itchies are attacking everybody! Hugs to you, my friend!

  3. Mommy is getting ready to go have her eyeball surgery this morning BUTT FURst she had to stop and say WELCOME BACK and....WELCOME HOME! Soon your Mommy and my Mommy can get together and YAP away! ;)

  4. Hope Lily feels better soon. Enjoy getting settled in and finding lots of new adventures.

  5. I'm glad y'all made it safely to your Florida home. Lily and Muffin, I'm glad y'all didn't strain a muscle by watching mom unload the truck by herself. Good luck at the vet tomorrow Lily.

    Aroo to you,

  6. Moves are big and complicated. I'm glad yours is over with, and you can settle into being Floridians now!

  7. Moves are big and complicated. I'm glad yours is over with, and you can settle into being Floridians now!

  8. Welcome Back to your Florida house! I know you feel sad, but every day will get a little better. Just think you won't have to deal with any snow! We wish we could come down to the warm weather. Last winter we had the coldest weather, -15. We are in Pittsburgh, PA. Cocoa refused to go out to potty even with a coat on! Take care and hope Lily's bumps go away. Hugs and Licky Kisses, Ms. Saundra and of course Emmy and Cocoa.

  9. That is really sad. But there are so many NY-kers in Florida you will feel at home
    Lily & Edward

  10. Changes are hard, but know your parents are right there beside each step of the way.....we hope lily starts to feel better...hugs stella rose and mom

  11. Dont forget to save your favorites of your dad's shirts for me to make a quilt and pillow out of for you!

    Enjoy the unpacking-

  12. Your home in New York was beautiful and held so many wonderful memories. But maybe a fresh start will be good for all of you. It sounds like you have kept many wonderful treasures and you have the most important ones in your heart. All our best as you settle into life in Florida.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. Moving is a challenge in itself but this one would be really hard. Hope you settle in and adjust to the changes!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Hope you can find peace and happiness in Florida.

  15. Glad to hear you made it safely to Florida. We can't wait to see more about all your adventures in your newish year-round home down south. Of course those of us left behind will miss you.

  16. So much change but it sounds like you are embracing it. I hope that Lily's bumps heal up soon, and we'll be thinking of you as you do all the fun stuff establishing your new home!

  17.'re there. No more travelling back and forth. Only one garden to work on. We know you'll be comfy soon....the dogs already are.

  18. Happy wishes in your new home. It sounds like it's embracing you already with love and little surprises.

  19. Wishing you the best of luck on this new chapter in your life. Living anywhere for 56 yrs and leaving is a HUGE challenge, but you are brave. It will be bittersweet but you sure won't miss NY in the winter!

  20. Your New York home was beautiful, but so is the Florida home. I am so glad that you were able to feel your parents presence in Florida. That means you are home. I especially enjoyed the pictures of Lily and Muffin supervising and relaxing. Now it is time for you and yours to have some RNR. You will enjoy the winter and learn to tolerate the summers. Thank heaven for air conditioning. The evening golf cart ride lucks like pure joy.

  21. I am glad you arrived safe and sound. I hope things are going well for you. You deserve it.

    Anne and Ziggy

  22. Amazing photos. I'm glad you had the nice trip. Hope you will enjoy a new life in Florida.

  23. So many changes, Kim. We love to see Lily and Muffin so in charge of the move and unpacking, too. They are working hard! :)

    Sending you tons of love. You've been through so much. We hope things will stay quiet and peaceful for a while.

    Much love and hugs,
    Tootsie & Renee

  24. Checking to see if there are any updates! I hope you are settled in and doing well! Love Dolly

  25. Congratulations on your move!! Mama would luv nuthin' better than moving from the great frozen north east Canada to Florida....*sigh*....maybe some day. But hey...she & Dad are going a a special trip to NY in November! I don't get to go (I'm staying with Benson).....but that's okay...they are going to have a garret time in NY!!!

    (((Hugs)) your friend


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