Friday, July 10, 2015

Oh what a day...

I'm home from my surgery and I can tell you I am NOT a happy camper!

Mommy & Daddy picked me up around 4:00pm last night. The Vet lady said that she made 5 incisions, drained out some yucky gunk (butt not as much as she had hoped for) and took a whole bunch of samples from deep inside my paw. She took some x-ray's and did not see anything stuck inside my paw. I have some stitches and some incisions were left open to drain.

We still don't know why my paw is so swelled and festered up. Now it's a waiting game for the biopsy results.

After showing Mommy & Daddy what was done, Vet lady wrapped up my paw and I was sent home. I was still extremely groggy from the surgery. After about 5 minutes of being home I started shaking really bad. Mommy got worried and called the Vet lady. I had to go back to the Vet lady just to be sure I was going to be OK.

She said that it most likely is from the knock out medicine. Typically once surgery is over they give you some medicine to reverse the drugs. They did not do that with me. Because the surgery was so invasive Vet lady thought it would be best to keep me as groggy as possible because there would be extreme pain. The medicine also lowers your body temperature. She thought I was chilly and also in some pain. I could go back home and take a half a dose of the pain medicine.

Wow, that pain medicine really works well! Thank goodness for that. I was singing all my favorite tunes from Woodstock. In fact, I think I was actually there singing on stage. Yes!!

I have to have my paw covered in plastic when I go outside which Mommy said is a royal pain. Last night they tried taping a baggie over my paw. Early this morning at 3am, they got smarter and used plastic wrap. I wore the toilet seat on my head when I went to bed. I only woke up once to try and lick my paw. Yes, even with the toilet seat on I can still reach back there to lick.

Mommy has been laying on the couch with me since very early this morning and I've been napping on and off.

We get to take the bandage off tomorrow afternoon and then it's back to soaking my paw in medicine. I will start taking a new antibiotic today once we pick it up from the pharmacy.

Mommy is upset that we have no concrete answers after all of this, butt also said that no news is good news at the moment. We're praying my paw heals quickly and that the problem just fades away into the sunset.

We all appreciate your love, prayers and support.

Lily Belle


  1. I do hopes that poor paw gets better soon sweetie. You take care and rest up
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I hope you heal quickly and I'm praying for you. Xxoo

  3. I'm so happy to hear that your surgery went well. Tell your mom she can use the thumb part of a latex glove to put over your foot. That's what she did with my cousin Mya the mini dachshund when she chewed her pad open. It fits good and right so it won't fall off. Hope you feel better soon! *ear licks* Noodle

  4. Mom wondered if you tried that sticky thick plastic wrap that works better than the older style of plastic wrap, even she can use it in the kitchen without getting wrapped all up in it, she said it is real easy to is in a yellow box....we hope you hear good news real soon, hugs and love stella rose and momma

  5. Goodness, it's so skeery when there's something wrong but you can't figure out WHAT! I hope you find some answers soon and feel better!

  6. Goodness, it's so skeery when there's something wrong but you can't figure out WHAT! I hope you find some answers soon and feel better!

  7. Lily Belle bless your sweet heart...I know that was a most painful experience, we continue to purr for your steady recovery and send hugs and healing kitty kisses

    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. That sure does sound like quite the day for you, Lily Belle. We are sorry you have to go through so much for that darn paw. Hopefully the draining and the meds and the soaking will all help to clear things up. Hope the biopsy report is a good one.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. OMD girrrrl.... you really had a rough time of it ... we are SURE that it will all be FINE very much Soon... POTP fur you.

  10. We hope they find the source of the problem and can fix you up! POTP coming your way sweetie!

  11. We will keep sending lots of POTP for you Lily Belle. hope they figure it out and get you feeling better
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. You were at Woodstock? Well, until you woke up anyway . . . We sure hope this will take care of things and your paw can heal up fast and completely! Sending POTP to you and your mom!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. OMD GURL!!!!! HOW DID I MISS ALL THIS DRAMA??!!!! Your poor paw!!!!! OMD!!! I am so sorry your paw swelled up like that...I'm also sorry that doggie meds cost SO MUCH! WTD???? Anyhu, I'm glads they are at least GOOD drugs!!! BOL Woodstock! BOL!! Wells, You knows i gots my paws crossed real tight for you, and I'm sendin' lots of healin' vibes and POTP your way!!! And lots and lots of AireZens for your Moms!!!
    Ruby ♥

  14. Oh, Lily! I do hope your paw issues are finished and will just fade away! You are being SO brave! With the gunk out and the medicine in, paws crossed that you're on the road to recovery.

    Love and licks,

  15. We're still here rooting for ya! And all of us have our paws crossed and that's a lot of paws. Feel better soon...

  16. POTP coming your way. We think the Vet could have told your pawrents about the after effects of the medication....but, we're glad you're a happy--if high--puppy now.

  17. You sure had a tough day. We are keeping our paws crossed that you paw will return to its normal size soon.

  18. We're thinking of you Lily Belle, and we hope that your recovery goes fast and there are good answers very soon!

  19. Continuing to pray for You Lily Belle.

    Aroo to you,

  20. Didn't know about your boo boo till mum read your blog today. Of course we are sending POTP to you and me and my kitty sistahs have all our paws crossed for you and I have convinced my cousin Coco and her kitty sistah and brover to cross their paws for you, too.

    Toodle pip


  21. Oh, Lily Belle! We are sending POTP for your paw. And what a shock to catch up on your posts, and now we are so worried. POTP for the biopsy results, for your healing, for all of you. This is too much after all you've been through this past year.

    We love you. Get well, sweet Lily Belle.

    Tootsie and her mom

  22. Oh Lily Belle, I am so sorry to read about and see your little paw! I have been worried about you ever since I saw the first picture you posted. It made me want to cry when I read about your first soaking and you cried. I hope today that you are at least a little better with the pain part. I hope that Muffin is being some comfort to you and I know your Mommy is doing all she can.
    Sending prayers your way! Please get better.
    Jane and Sambo


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