Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Benny's Buddies

Well, well..... Wouldn't you just know it!

Can you believe that Grandpa Bob and his snooter sniffed out the Benny's Buddies mason jar hidden in the plant?

We think we've found the pawfect hiding spot now. This is one place Grandpa Bob would NEVER look!

We don't think he even knows that we have a clothes dryer. Not sure he even knows what the purpose of one is. When he says to Mommy "I see you did my laundry" she always replies "No Dad, the stinky underwear fairy did it." Tee~hee~hee!
So in our opinion, it will never be found in here.
 As of today, we're up to 31 guesses on how many M&M's are in the Benny's Buddies mason jar. Way to go Blogville! 
Now, we're not the only one's being Benny's Buddies. Please go and check out our other Benny's Buddies pawticipants. Just clickie on their name and you will be magically transported to their blog. (This list will be updated frequently.)

Frankie & Ernie  Our furends from the Hill are hosting a Raffle with some really pawsome items! 

Silly Sasha  Our resident Blogville gourmet Chef has the most pawsome foodables for sale. You won't be disappointed and you're guaranteed to gain a few pounds. No diets here!

Top Cop Sarge  Has already hosted a wild (beer slugging) Poker game. Butt, be sure to check back next week bcuz the Crabby Girls are going to host a wicked game of Twister!

Benji & Lassie Our beautiful Collie furends are hosting a Give-Away and also have some fun games to play. Blog hop over and figure out how to get to that pesky little squirrel!

Madi & Mom Our Mayoress of Blogville is having a scavenger hunt. Sure hope Madi let's us hunt for Chippies. Head over there right this moment and have some fun!

Oskar and his hooman Pam, will be having a Comment-A-Thon this coming Saturday. We can't wait to see the pictures they have chosen. This will be on Oskar's personal blog. So be sure to click his link from above.

Mona Already hosted a totally fab contest of naming the stars/celebrities. A very generous donation was made to Benny. You rock Mona!

For those of you who will be making a donation for Benny a really easy way has been set up to do so.

Using PayPal to add FUNDS for BENNY....   this will go through Mindy Slimmer's PayPal account and she will send every cent on to Andrea/Benny...  Mindy is going to pay all the fees herself. (We love you Mindy.) PayPal can accommodate any type of currency exchange and convert it to U.S. Dollars.   

1.   go to YOUR OWN PayPal Account
2.  Go to where it says Transfer/Send Funds
3.  Enter THIS email address pugsandpurrs(at)gmail(dot)com (That is Mindy's account address)
4.  Enter the amount that you wish to donate.... from $1.00 to.... ????
5.  FILL OUT THE COMMENT BOX...with a) Your Name b) what game(s) or activity(s) you are paying for example I'm Cloud and I am paying for Sarge's Twister game.
6.  scroll to the bottom and click Send/Finish.
Be sure to stop by and say hi to the Slimmer Pugs & their Mama Mindy. This is fantastic that they are doing this for our furend Benny.
Benny really needs our help, so please spread the word to your furends about all the fun we're having to help him in his fight against cancer. No donation amount is too small. (Feel free to direct people to our blog for the information.)

Don't furget to keep sending Benny the POTP so that he has many feel good days ahead!

Lily Belle & Muffin


  1. OMD OMD THAT is a perfect place to hide them... UNLESS someone Turns it on accidently...
    We know that WE have the Winning GUESS... unless Grandpa Bob ... snagged a few !! BOL

    Hey the Crabby Girrrrls are gonna have a TWISTER Pawty fur Benny next week.. We WANT to play that butt are KINDA worried that they may be using it as an excuse to get us down on their level and then PINCHING our BUTTS.

  2. OMD you crack us up. Where will end up next? Thanks for the laugh pals. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. we cannot believe grandpa bob found those m&m's he must have a really good nose!
    stella rose

  4. Just make sure your momma takes the jar out of the dryer before she uses it again. We know she won't be hanging any clothes outside any time soon around here.

    Millie & Walter

  5. Yah, I bet he will NEVER find it there!! bol

    Jazzi and Addi

  6. Now that's a super great hiding place...Grandpa will never find it there BOL! So many great games and events going on for Benny now...Momz & I have been playing along with efurryone

  7. Just be careful you don't turn on that dryer...just sayin'.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. Thanks for listing all the things bloggers are doing to help out Benny! Will definitely check them out.


  9. You have to be on your toes with Grandpa Bob(snickers). I hope he doesn't find them. I can't wait to see how many there are.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. Great hiding spot, we are having such fun, thank you xxxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. Oh, you found an EXCELLENT hidin' spot!! Men NEVER look in the laundry room!!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  12. Hey girlfriends....that Gpa Bob must have a sweet tooth. Too funny. One thing for sure anything hidden in our dryer would never be found by our dad either. Of course to be fair anything hidden in Dad's 'garage' would not be found by Mom either.
    Hugs Madi your bFFF

  13. So did Grandpa eat any of those m&m's, changing the number? Just kidding. We're so behind Benny that we've made our contributions. Having been through it ourselves, we know how expensive cancer treatment is. We had pet health insurance, and we thanked our lucky stars for having paid the premiums for all those years. K's treatments were close to $15K.

  14. OMD guys I can't believe I missed this. Grandpa will definitely NOT find this hiding spot! Momma says men don't ever do laundry! BOL!

  15. I wish the stinky underwear fairy would come and do all my laundry. I would even leave a tip. That is a wonderful hiding place.


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