Monday, July 8, 2013

Benny's Buddies

In case you missed our VIP post on Sunday, please click HERE!

We're hosting a fun, fun, super-dee-dooper contest to help our furend Benny.

Our contest is open to ANYONE (bloggers and non bloggers alike.) Spread the word to your furends. It won't cost YOU any green $$ papers to enter our contest. (We're taking care of that for ya.) So far we have 23 guesses ~ WOW!

Butt..... if you ARE interested in making a donation to help Benny fight the Evil Cancer Bug, you can go to his blog at and click on the link on the left side of his page or you can contact us via our blog.

Our Furend Benny

Now, we're not the only one's being Benny's Buddies. Please go and check out our other Benny's Buddies pawticipants. Just clickie on their name and you will be magically transported to their blog.

Frankie & Ernie  Our furends from the Hill are hosting a Raffle with some really pawsome items! 

Silly Sasha  Our resident Blogville gourmet Chef has the most pawsome foodables for sale. You won't be disappointed and you're guaranteed to gain a few pounds. No diets here!

Top Cop Sarge  Is hosting a Poker game. Head on over to try your paw at a Royal Flush. And don't worry about the game being raided. Your Top Cop Sarge promises that he has everything under control.

Benji & Lassie Our beautiful Collie furends are hosting a Give-Away and also have some fun games to play. Blog hop over and figure out how to get to that pesky little squirrel!

Madi & Mom Our Mayoress of Blogville will be having a scavenger hunt on July 10th. Sure hope Madi let's us hunt for Chippies. Be sure to put this on your calendar.

Mona Already hosted a totally fab contest of naming the stars/celebrities. A very generous donation was made to Benny. You rock Mona!

Now, as we mentioned at the end of our blog on Sunday, we thought that we may have a little problem here with the mason jar of M&M's being eaten by our Grandpa Bob. Guess what? We were right! We caught him tip-toeing around the house.

Today, we had to resort to Plan B.....

Do you think that Grandpa Bob will find the M&M's hidden in the plant?

Keep them guesses coming everyone (just leave us a comment with your answer) and be sure to tell all your furends about Benny's Buddies! We need to spread the word.....

Lily Belle & Muffin


  1. This is so sweet. Thanks for including all the blogs supporting the power of the paw for Benny.


  2. That is a great hiding place!


  3. Y'all are the best, girls! I hope that hiding place works out, BOL!

  4. This is great! I've been gone for awhile, but so happy I'm back so I can help Benny!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. that was a great idea but our grandpa has a big nose and would sniff those things out.
    stella rose

  6. HOpe those M&M's stay hidden now ;) You told me about a few events I hadn't seen before so Momz & I are off to check them out...
    thank you

  7. LOL laughing at Grandpa Bob and the M&Ms' Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Hey Lily!
    Wow, great idea to hide those candies! My Mom says she can smell chocolate a mile away, so I hope your Grandpa has a worse snooter than that. BOL I can't wait to see who has the best guess and thanks for barking about my Poker Game! BTW: You've really gotten lucky today and your chips are piling waaaay up! Great card action!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  9. Our guess is.....exactly 101 M&M's!!!

    jazzi and addi

  10. Lily and Muffin... do NOT let Ernie sit by you at the Poker Table... HE CHEATS. A LOT...

    We think as long as Grandpa Bob doesn't water the flower... the m&m's will be SAFE there.
    I made MY guess Yesterday (87) and today Ernie wants to make his guess...

    I(Ernie vonSchnitzel, who NEVER DID CHEAT) say there are 870 of them.

  11. Grandpa Bob just leave 77 M&M's ...but you can eat the rest ;)

  12. Lol!! Hope he doesn't find them! You might have to move the jar every day just to keep him on his toes!

  13. I think this idea is a great one. I think I see 81 M & M's . Maybe we can guess where the jar will be next!

  14. This is the coolest thing ever friends!! Thank you. I feel special
    Benny (& Lily)

  15. You guys are the coolest friends! And it is so nice of you all to help a friend in need :)

  16. We loved the plant hiding spot. It made us laugh so hard.


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