Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hitting the Road

The time has come for us to say goodbye to Florida. It's hotter than the hinges here so we're packing up and heading outta Dodge early tomorrow morning.

Don't worry, Grandpa Bob flew home yesterday and is staying with "the stinky fish.".

Getting the "Jail" ready for the ride
The jail all clean and ready to torture me!
Can you see how unhappy I am riding for 2 whole days in a jail cell?
Don't look at Muffin, that girl can sleep anywhere!
This is where our food and treats for the road are packed!
This is the box that contain the rest of our treats for when we get home.
Mommy is getting everything packed up. This is one of her staging areas.
We're all gonna miss our house here and the fun things we do....

Riding in Fred, our golf cart

Lounging in the sun

Watching beautiful sunsets (that's really Mommy on the right in this photo)
Ordering Munchkins from Dunkin D's (OK, we do that in NY too)
Beautiful scenery
BIG flowers
We miss ya already little Bunting (They flew North 2 weeks ago)
Those are just some of the highlights of living in Florida for the winter.
Now we gotta go North and pick the 87 million weeds that I'm sure await us. This is a funky picture of our back yard that Mommy took last year. Looks like it is hilly, butt it's not. Flat as a board I tell ya. Lot's of places for the weeds to grow...
Home is where the heart is...
See you soon Mr. House!
New York or bust!
We'll see you all on the flip side.....
Lily Belle & Muffin



  1. Travel safe friends. Make sure the treat bag is close to the jail.

  2. That time already? We wish you a safe and pleasant trip to your other home. See you soon. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We didn't realize that you go back home in the summer...geeze where have we been. You have a beautiful home in NY. Drive safely, watch out for storms!
    stella rose

  4. Your "jail" looks like a pretty cozy place to ride! Have a safe trip.

  5. We's still tryin to get back to normal since our BIG trip. Me tinks Mommy got buried in all da dirty clothes dey brought back. Have a safe trip back to NY. Take a long nap and jail won't be so bad. We just can't wait until you come back to Florida again.

  6. Have a safe trip! WHN just loves Muffin's travel tote! Snoopy needs a matching one so your mom has to tell her where to get it!

    BTW- Snoopy thinks that you are trying to starve his Muffin- there clearly are not enough treats for her for the two day car ride!

  7. Have a safe, quick trip girls! I love going on trips, but I'm not put in jail, just strapped in. Can't wait till you're back in FL!

  8. SAFE TRAVELS MY SWEET DOXIE BFFS. I don't blame you one bit for getting out of Dodge....it is hot enough in NC this time of year I cannot imagine what FL is like.
    We look forward to great summer adventures with you from NY.
    Your bfff
    madi and mom

  9. Safe travels!! And when you read this, welcome back to NY!!!

  10. Hi Lily Belle and Muffin! I hope you have a safe trip back to NY and that Lily Belle does sleep a little bit in the jail.
    I bet Mom has a ton of stuff to do in order to pack up and close a house. I would miss the golf cart most of all. That is what Sambo and I do daily for his entertainment. We ride in the pasture on mowed trails to see the cows and look for wildlife. Think of us as you pass thru Georgia near the Resaca exit on I-75 as we will be thinking of you and your family
    as you travel. Make sure Mom gives you all the treats you want too. :)
    Jane and Sambo

  11. Yeah!!! You are finally coming home. I hate to break it to you but it is hotter than Hades here today. Kind of Florida weather, but it is supposed to be gone by the time you all get here.

    I can't wait to see you again and have you meet my brother Walter. Have a safe trip.



  12. Jail time will FLY by... and you will be in your COOLER Climate up here in the NORTH... SOON. We wish you a safe and easy Journey. Glad that Grandpa is with the stinky fish folks fur a few days. He will LIKE that.

  13. Hope you have a safe trip! Too bad about the jail cell...! :)

    Elyse and Riley

  14. Wows! You guys have a safe fun trips!! Looks like your Moms has the most important stuffs ready to go...your treatie box!!! YEA! Up front with that box! hehehehe

  15. Have fun kids. If its hot now imagine later
    Benny & Lily

  16. Happy traveling! Make sure that treat bag gets packed in the car where it can be reached easily!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  17. Have a safe trip home!!!

    Loveys Sasha

  18. Howdy Lily Belle and Muffin, have a safe trip. Mum says she would like two days to sleep and be fed treats hehe. Take care. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  19. Florida looks awesome! What lovely photos. On the bright side, at least you will get to pee on lots of stuffs when you get back!


  20. Oh it looks wonderful, I would be sad to leave too.. Have a safe trip home :) xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie


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