Monday, January 21, 2013

Support 101

When you need support, love, good wishes and prayers, you come to Blogville!

We have received so much TLC from everyone, that we know how blessed we really are by having you as our extended family.

From receiving a beautiful gift, phone calls, prayers, Instagram messages, personal e-mails, text messages, POTP and so much more we thank you ALL from the bottom of our pea pickin' hearts.

Lily said "Just had to show you my way too cool umbrella from my best boy Newby and
his family for when I'm ready to walk the neighborhood again."

There has not been much change in Lily since she's started the med's last week. Though her hind end is no longer shaking, she is still not going up or down her ramps, not sprinting to the kitchen for food or treats and not playing with Muffin. (And we know that she shouldn't be doing all of that with possible back problems.) But sometimes it's hard to keep a good dog down as they say.

We thought we'd see little changes in her by now. The only drastic change is she's providing us with stinky gasses that can clear a room in 87 seconds or less. Even she questions where it comes from! Hey, you can't blame ME!

Tomorrow Lily will see the specialist at 10am. I have no problems leaving her on the med's if that is what he tells us to do. But because she had the cervical rupture in 2011, Rolf and I both feel we need to talk to the specialist. That will give us peace of mind. I will also talk to him about acupuncture and Laser Light Therapy and get his opinion on those. Many people have recommended that to us. We are also members of Dodgers List. It's an excellent site and the place to go if your dog has back problems.

We are praying that she's just sore from ramming into the window and nothing more. That would be the best news possible.

Hopefully we've fixed the door problem by putting on some window clings.

In case you are wondering, the sliding door is inside the house. Mom and Dad remodeled the house years ago and turned the screened in patio into a larger living room and a TV parlor. The door separates the living area from the master bedroom & parlor. We always close this area off to the dog's when we are out of the house. That way they can't jump on and off the recliner that is pretty high off the ground. When the accident happened, Rolf closed the door and was just getting ready to pull the curtain closed when Lily ran into the glass. Let's hope it never happens again and that window clings help prevent it.

Today Grandpa Bob and I picked up a new doggie bed for Lily while we were at the pet store buying more Pill Pockets. She likes to be by her Daddy and I while we're on our computers. So from what I see so far, Grandpa Bob and I did good!

Right now she is fast asleep in her new bed. Perhaps she is having sweet dreams of Newby and Marley.

Hey Nola do you see who is in bed with Lily? It's the Purple Monkey that you and your pack sent her for Christmas! Don't tell her I told you, but that's her new "woobie." 

I promise to let you know how we make out tomorrow. Please continue to keep your fingers crossed for our sweet Lovable Lily.

Much love,
Mommy Kim

p.s. I'm sorry that we're not able to comment on many of your blog postings these days or join in too many of the fun activities, but keeping Lily quiet and comfortable is my main priority these days which I know you understand. Unfortunately (and shame on me) she is NOT a "crate dog."


  1. Oh we do hope Lily is just feeling a little sore still and taking it easy. Our thoughts are with you. Sending more healing paw and good vibes and best wishes. No worries we all understand that Lily comes first. That is how it should be.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Us too! Sending lots of love and good vibes your way!


  3. Love that new bed! Paws are crossed for tomorrow!

  4. Thank you so much for the update! Hoping that all went well at the appt and you have some good answers.


  5. Blogville Rocks! Keeping paws and fingers crossed that the specialist can give you a plan for making Lily better.


    Cindy & Millie

  6. You just take care of your baby and know we are holding up the blogville fort for you. Big hugs!

  7. ABSOLUTELY.... LILY comes FURST... ALWAYS. It is like one of Blogville's Laws.. Other than UPDATE Posts... we don't expect anythingy else... until Lovely Lily is better.
    Ernie and I have our Paws Crossed and Pray that the dogtor will say.. "OH, Lily is just taking it EASY and being careful."

  8. Yep, what Frankie said...da Lily is more important than bloggin' and takin' showers, and eatin', and blah blah blah. We totally understand you paranoid moms...hehehe.
    Nows I loves dat new bed, it looks comfy and big nuff to stretch out if da need arises and small nuff to curl up in da classic donut position.
    Let us knows how everything is goin' with out dear Lily.


  9. Thank you for the update on sweet Lily! Fingers and paws crossed for a good report and some help from the specialist. Taking care of Lily is more important than blogging and commenting! We love you all!
    Kisses and hugs,
    Nola and Dachshund Mommy

  10. Oh Lily always come first. Thank you for keeping us updated. I will keep her apart of my prayers.

  11. Aww, Lily, I hope you feels better REAL soon!

  12. We hope it was the door. Our paws are still crossed.

    XXXOOODaisy, Bella & Roxy

  13. We still have those crossed paws and prayers headed in your direction. Momma's been super busy too and hasn't even helped me post in almost a week. So I's in da same boat! Just get all the rest you can and you'll be feelin better soon. How can you miss with the POTP hard at work!!!


  14. Our fingers are crossed. I hope that the specialist appointment goes well. I have to add that some of our past dogs have had fabulous results from acupuncture but it's always best to make sure that nothing super serious is going on before you start it. Thinking of you!

  15. I have 5 of the mini monster Doxies. Two have had back surgery . My prayers go out to you.

  16. Hey Lily Belle
    Mom and I are sending you all a ton of purrs and hugs. We love your new bed.Toto, RIP, never understood what the gassily smell was either nor where it came from.
    We will be thinking of you tomorrow.
    Your BFFF madi

  17. Bow wow Lily Belle...the bed looks comfy. We are keeping our fingers crossed...take care. You'll be fine. Praying ....
    maugli n mamma

  18. Lily I am still crossing paws for you. I bet you are just resting until you feel better and are ready to play again. Thank you for the update.

    Loveys Sasha

  19. hello overthere
    my dachshund charly had huge backproblems years ago and we tried everything ,but nothing helped.
    our ladt try was accupuncture and it was the hit!!!
    after only one try he stopped shivering and whining and started eagging his his poor little tail!
    he licked the vets hand and i knew it would come to a good end.
    soooo....perhaps,accupuncture will do the trick!
    i hope,and pray that it will help.

  20. Paws & fingers crossed here for you Lily and hope all goes well at the vets. That looks a really comfy bed - take care - woofs and licks from Magic & family xx

  21. Paws crossed for you! Hailey and Zaphod

  22. We are sending hugs and love and keep paws crossed!


  23. Our Lily had back surgery because she had all calcium deposits between her vertebrates and one disc was a bit outta wack. The neurologist and orthopedic surgeon fixed her all up. Sounds similiar to your Lily
    Benny & Lily

  24. Hi, Nola sent us over. Sending you the POTP and hope you can find answers from the dogtor today.

  25. Lily,

    We are keeping our paws crossed for you. We've been so worried about you. May the Power of the Paw continue to heal you. Ever since we learned of your accident, Mom has been freaked about our glass doors. Those stickies on the glass -- put low down for the down and low -- are a super idea. Your wonderful parents are the best. So glad they are giving your lots of cuddles and love and finding the best information.

    Tootsie, Tootsie's Mom, and Dachshund Daddy

  26. Paws crossed and good luck today, Lily!


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