Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We're Getting Closer...

Only 7 more days until Santa comes and we're so excited. We left him our address here in Florida so that he doesn't deliver our prezzies to New York. We sure hope he pays attention to that detail!
As you can see, our beautiful cards are hung with care right next to our stockings.
The UPS man just loves to hear us sing to him when he comes to our door. There's a VIP package already under our little tree. Mommy let Muffin and I sniff it and it smells just like The Dachsies with Moxie! We could hardly contain ourselves and wanted to open it right away but Mommy said we had to wait until Christmas morning.

Another box arrived just for us. It's from Oskar & Pam over at Pet Blogs United. As soon as this one arrived, Mommy wrapped it right away so we couldn't peek at the packing slip on the box. We won a contest on their blog and got to special order something from a great company called A Pets Life. They have some really nice products! We don't know what Mommy ordered for us but it's sure to be a BIG hit! You'll just have to wait until after Christmas to see.
Today we ship Grandpa Bob back to New York for 3 weeks. He's going to spend the holiday's with Uncle Bob and his family. I'm sure you remember Uncle Bob! He's the idiot who jumps outta airplanes that we've blogged about. We'll miss him while he's gone, but we're gonna Skype with him to make sure he's doing OK.
Mommy says "finally, some alone time....." We think 3 weeks without Grandpa Bob is a long time bcuz he gives us our evening treats. Butt Mommy said this is only the 2nd time in 5 years that her and Daddy have been alone together and is REALLY looking forward to it. So, happy trails to Grandpa Bob and we'll see you again in 2013.
Well furends, continue to stay good bcuz I know for a fact that Santa is still watching!
Lily Belle


  1. Oh look at all those cards! I don't see ours there. Did you get it yet? If not I hope it is there soon I mailed it two weeks ago! We got your beautiful card last week. I just love your stockings and what great gifts you've got under your tree. (no peeking!) I think it's just great that your peeps are getting some alone time. They sure do deserve it and I hope they enjoy every minute!

  2. did you get our card? thats cool that you have a uncle bob and a grandpa bob...we have a aunt cody and a uncle kody and they are married....lol....anywho one time dad jumped out of a airplane and he puked all over the place....ugh......i bet your uncle bob doesn't do that...
    stella rose

  3. Santa Paws can NOT come Soon Enough to suit US.
    We are sure he will be able to FIND YOU. OMD... I hope Grandpa Bob doesn't jump outta HIS Plane like Uncle Bob did.

    Love your Cards and stockings.

  4. We can't recall which address we sent your card to but we hope it arrives. That will be a nice break for the peeps with Grandpa Bob in NY although we know you will all miss him. We are just laughing about the comments of GPBob not jumping out of any planes. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. YAHOO! You sure have a lot of presents!


  6. My mommy lets me open my presents when they come because she can't stand the suspense herself! I hope you have a great Christmas!


  7. How do you ship a Grandpa? UPS or Fedex? Your tree is beautiful. I hope Snata Paws got your change of address.

  8. We're sure Snata (see Goose above...we rather like that name) Paws knows exactly where you are and what you've been doing!

    Hope you've organised a stand in for the evening treats while Grandpa Bob is away.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. Hey Lily Belle!
    Wow, what a pretty tree and getting packages already is so much fun! I bet they smell great and we're all counting the days now. Happy holidays to both Bobs! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. Lovely cards! It was great talkin' to ya on the phone today!
    PS. Your Christmas gifts from us were sent out today! :)

  11. Howdy Lily Belle, we can't wait for Father Christmas either. Love your beautiful christmas tree. Hope your Grandpa Bob has a lovely Christmas and you all have a wonderful time too. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. Your cards and tree are lovely. I hope Grandpa Bob has a safe trip. I am very excited for Christmas also.

    Loveys Sasha

  13. Woohoo preeies galore. I bet your Doxies noses are out of joint from sniffing! I love your tree and your card door. Wish grandpa Bob a safe and happy trip.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  14. I sure hope Santa got the change of address... wouldn't that be awkward for him to get it wrong! But, it looks like you are very well prepared and ready to celebrate. Happy Wednesday!

  15. I bet Grandpa will bring you some great treats home. Have a very happy Christmas everyone! Deccy x

  16. Such fun stuff, and don't worry, Santa Paws knows where you are.

  17. You are ready for Christmas! It sounds like Uncle Bob is giving your mom and dad a very nice Christmas present of some restful time on their own. I hope that Grandpa has fun!

  18. Please share your furry friend with us at Wordless Wednesday Bloggers - www.wordlesswednesdaybloggers.blogspot.com . See you there!

  19. very exiting...Santa Paws will be here before you know it! Happy Wagging Holidays to all!

  20. Deew Lilly Belle and Muffin

    I can see that yoo awe all weady fow Santa Paws and yoo'w sooo lucky that yoo've aweady got some eawly delivewies. I'm shoowe Santa will wemembew yoow Flawida addwess
    I also think yoow Mom pawson will wemembew to give you the extwa tweats while Yoow Gwammpa Bob is away
    Soochie kisses

  21. Sounds like you got some really nice stuff. You must have been good dogs and on Santa's nice list. Have a good time in Florida!

  22. I see that you have a little tabletop tree just like we do. Momma likes those trees because they are easier to decorate but I would prefer something at doggie level so that I could help. Have a wonderful holiday.



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