Friday, December 21, 2012

Four More Days

Now that Grandpa Bob is in NY with my Uncle Bob, Mommy can get some stuff done around here. She finally hung up the remainder of the cards we've received. Aren't they beautiful!!

Some how, every day our stockings get a little more fuller and fuller. Muffin's stocking is on the top left and mine is on the top right. Of course Mommy just had to bring Daddys Dallas Cowboys stocking with us. Mommy has the gold stocking and even that has some goodies in it already.
We've been wagging our tails like crazy because Christmas is just a few more days away. So we're trying to stay really good around here. (Tho Mommy wasn't happy that she stepped in a pee spot in the house late last night..... Nope, wasn't us!)
Lily Belle & Muffin


  1. Uh, how comes ya'll has stuffs in your stockin's and I don't? Dis is sooooo not fairs. I demand an explanation from da Santa Man...or my mum.
    YOur cards look so purties all displayed withs da stockin's.

    I hopes Grandpa Bob is havin fun at Uncle Bob's.


  2. You would NEVER leave a pee spot- must be from an intruder!

  3. We only have to be good for FOUR more days!! I THINK I can do it.

  4. My present came yesterday. WE HAVE SNOW!!!!


  5. Did your daddy miss when he went to the little boys room? (Sorry Rolf). You know how those boys have bad aim sometimes. I'm sure neither of you would leave a pee puddle on the floor.

    We should finally be getting some snow tonight and tomorrow. At least Grandpa Bob will have a white Christmas.


  6. It must have been one of Santa's spy's who left the wet gift for your mom.

  7. BOl funny Goose. We were about to say we know it was the cat. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Sometimes my dad blames me or margaret..mostly margaret when HE misses the peepot! We are so excited for Christmas also...we loves all our cards..just loves them!!! Glad Grandpa Bob safely made it to Uncle Bob's house.
    stella Rose and family

  9. I nose you two wouldn't leave a pee spot. Must have been those nasty tree rats again. It was cold last night so maybees they came in to get warm. Love your cards. We missed out this year butt we wish you a Merry Christmas anyway.

    Amber and the Pack

  10. you've already got stuff in your stockings??!!! Ours are flat!

    Lucky dogs.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. OH how PRETTY and FESTIVE and FULL OF FURENDS your cards look.
    WHAT::: Pee on the Floor.. an evil SQUIRREL must be LURKING.. or SQUATTING in you house. Just sayin.

  12. Your card door is quite impressive but then you two are impressive young ladies. My mom come home with a Honey Baked ham today. I love ham...but she put it in the garage fridge...dang it. Dad promised to sneak me a piece.
    hugs Madi your BFFF

  13. pretty soon. Your cards look beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  14. Your cards and stockings are beautiful! In less than 48 hours it will be Christmas!!!

    your pal,


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