Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two Poop'd Pup's

As we've seen on so many of your blog's, it looks like everyone had a fantastic Christmas! And believe me, ours was no different ~ It was totally pawsome.

For those of you who don't know this, I (Lily Belle) LOVE to open presents. If its got wrapping paper on it, I'm so there. If there's a gift bag on the ground, don't worry cuz I've got it covered. So believe me when I say the paper was a flying! I even opened up a prezzie from Nola, Boston, Auggie & Phee and chewed right through the packging in to the treats. Yup! I ate like 87 cookies before Mommy caught on to what I was doing. Darn that woman!!

Now sit back and relax cuz we're gonna show you the highlights of our day.....

Daddy playing keep the gift away from Lily game

Opening our prezzie from the gang over at the Dachsies with Moxie.

Aunt Agnes made these with L-O-V-E just for us!

Our prezzies from the Dachshund Nola Gang, We got two pawsome stuffies to play with and those yummy treats that I ate a ton of. Muffin and I are sharing the stuffies nicely.
Mommy's new Birks ~ It's the only sandle she will wear and only in this style.

Expert un~wrapper in action

Seriously Dad! I'm more than willing and able to help.

Mommys new diamond doxie necklace from Muffin and me

Artistic metal doxie for Mommys collection

Hallmark ornament of Mommys favorite bird ~ the Painted Bunting
Our personalized water bowl from A Pet's Life. We won this over at Oskar & Pams PBU Site.

One of Mommys greatest blessings ~ ME!
Now this we gotta explain. Uncle Bob (mom's brother) sent us a last minute package. The box was huge. When we opened it up inside were 6 individual boxes. Each one labelled Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, etc. On Christmas morning Mommy was told to open them in order starting with Box 1. This is what was inside Box 1.

First it was a letter from Grandpa Bob! As you can see he is sending Mommy and Daddy on a vacation.

This is what accompanied the letter.

Box #2 contained another letter, this time from Uncle Bob, Aunt Cindy, Bobby & Colleen. They are sending Mommy and Daddy to the Everglades to go on an airboat tour.

Box #3 contained another letter from Grandpa sending them down to Key West.

Box #4 is a catamaran trip to Ft. Jefferson where mommy and Daddy will do some snorkeling in the crystal clear water. Compliments from Uncle Bob, Aunt Cindy, Bobby & Colleen.

Box #5 takes them to see the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square. They will watch the sunset into the gulf of Mexico compliments of Grandpa Bob.

The final box which was from Grandpa Bob, (Box #6) heads them over to Miami Beach for the day before heading home the following day.

This is what it looks like when you stack them all together.
What a fun way to find your prezzies! Mommy and Daddy really appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into make all of these. And the best part is, Uncle Bob and Aunt Cindy are coming to Florida to stay with Grandpa and us while Mommy and Daddy go on this adventure.
 Mommy said that will be interesting because Uncle Bob and Aunt Cindy are NOT dog people. Wait until they find out that we plan on sleeping in bed with them! Oh they will just poop their pants. Mommy's really nervous about the whole idea of leaving us behind with them.
A touching letter to Mommy from Uncle Bob. This is the first Christmas in 18 years that the family hasn't been all together for Christmas.

After hours of eating, opening gifts, running around like a bunch of crazy ninkempoops, this is what happens to little dog's like us.

Tomorrow we celebrate again because it's Muffin's 8th birthday!
Lily Belle


  1. Wow! Now that's a lot of presents! What awesome gifts Mommy and Daddy got! And you all too! Thank you for sharing your Christmas fun with us...

  2. I love all those dioramas for each of your tour days. You are lucky to have such a loving family too. Way to go Lily Belle in opening the treat bag before mommy found out. Looks like all of you had a great Christmas. Rolf looked very pleased with his drill too :-D


  3. WOW guys, Mom & Dad hit the jackpot, that is some Christmas, and then they have you too on top of that. Careful eating into a box, Sweet William ate through a box and got part of a plastic piece and may need to have to removed at the Dogter.

    Your Pals
    The Scottie Twinkies

  4. In case we don't see you tomorrow... HAPPY HAPPY BIRFDAY to you MUFFIN. We hope that you have a BIG celebration of your SPECIAL DAY.

    OH MY DAWG..... you had a MARVELOUS Christmas fur SURE. Love your OPENING SKILLS... and those "Visual Aide Diorama" Boxes are BRILLIANT... they are PURE ART... Art with a LOT OF LOVE and CARE and THOUGHTFULNESS in Each ONE.... I HOPE AND PRAY you will SAVE them to put up with the pictures your mom and dad will have to show us... WHEN the TIME comes!!!!! SERIOUSLY... SAVE them to ADD to the FUN.
    AND we will also want to hear about the Pants Pooping when you SHARE the bed with... THEM.. Baaaawaaaah.

  5. Oh my Oh my!! Your Christmas was FANTASTIC!! And how exciting for your mom and dad. I am sure Grandpa will make sure that auntie and uncle know what to do with ya all. I am sure Auntie and Uncle know there is no pooping in the house. Bawhahhahha.

  6. Oh man you guys got the coolest when you place the boxes together
    Benny & Lily

  7. I think that the present from Grandpa was incredibly sweet - so thoughtful and so nice. Now, just one question, can you pups stay in the hotel? :)

  8. OMD momma LOVES that beautiful necklace! It's just gawjuss! I'm so glad you girls had a good Christmas.

    I'll be showing off my loot on Monday, because tomorrow will be a very sad day at our household. Tomorrow would have been Angel Charlotte's first birthday.

    Love ya,

  9. Those are just the coolest gifts. Wow you did good this year. All of it was brilliant. So glad you had such a wonderful time. See you tomorrow for a Happy Barkday. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Wow! You have some creative relatives! What cool gifts, and you get a staycation!!

  11. What a fangtastic Christmas!! And wow, what a grreat gift (set of gifts) to your momma and daddy, and what a FUN way to wrap them!!

  12. Mom and I read this post with periodic exclamations of "OH COOL!" and "AWESOME!" Mom has always wanted to do an air boat ride in the Everglades but hasn't quite made it yet. (In fact, the first time mom & dad went to the Keys together, they planned to spend a couple days near the Everglades and do an airboat ride at the end of their trip, but they loved the Keys so much, they ended up extending their time there.)

    Have your parents been to Key West? They will LOVE it! And they will ABSOLUTELY LOVE snorkeling around Fort Jefferson. Mom says it's one of the most amazing places she's ever been and definitely the best snorkeling anywhere. And driving the Overseas Highway down to Key West is the most beautiful drive EVER. Mom can give your mom some tips about cool places to go in the Keys & Key West if you'd like.

    We love the way your family presented the present in all of the boxes! What a wonderful, creative idea! We're so excited for your parents!

    your pal,

  13. Just checking out the blog and it is fantastic! Love your x-mas vacation boxes. What a wonderful and creative way to give a gift. Wishing Muffin a late B-day hug and smooches! Oh, mom has that doxie necklaces and LOVES it. She gets lots of compliments on it. Have a wonderful 2013 and vacation girls. Don't worry, Muffin and Lil will have the NON dog people wrapped before you get back from vacation - you know we have our ways. lots of hugs girls! Robin, Macy & Bailey.


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