Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Score

The Scoreboard reads as follows:

Smart Phone - 1                 Dumb Human - 0

It all started simply enough. A beautiful 60+ degree day, the sun is shining and Mommy said it's a great day for a hike through the park or a walk in the woods (all depends on how you want to look at it.) Since she quit smoking she has to keep busy. And what a better way....

So Muffin and I get all harnessed up, Mommy grabs a bottle of water and Daddy grabs the leashes and off we go. Even tho little Muffin is NOT a walker, she will walk like a real champ (most of the time) when walking on grass or pathways. She is getting better and better at it each and every time. She doesn't do well on pavement.

Mommy found this walking trail on the internet called Monkey Run. She loved the name of it and it wasn't too far from our house. So after very little research on Mommys part, that's where we're heading.

We find the parking area at around 11:30 and head out following the path. We turn around the first corner and Daddy said "I don't think this is the right path because this is someone's back yard." "No it's OK Mommy says, the people allow you to walk through their yards to get to the main trail. That's what it said on the internet."

Daddy and me (Lily) are leading the walk. Mommy and Muffin are behind us and the people's homes are on the left (right out of the cameras view.)

Now we're getting into the forest. So we're walking and walking and walking. It was absolutely perfect weather for doing this. Up some hills, down the other side, even some really cool bridges to cross over.

You can do it Muffin! Heck, Mommy's wearing her Birkenstock sandles for crying out loud.

We're following a beautiful little stream as we wind through the paths.

And we're walking and walking and walking. And there are trails that go to the left, some go to the right, some go straight. Being such a great hunter, Daddy lets me lead the way and pick the trails I want. (I think that was Daddy's first mistake...)

It's a little muddy butt that's OK. Muffin is doing really well and hasn't started to freak out yet. There are lot's of good sniffies in here. Muffin and I even found some dead mice.

Then I found a great scent on the ground and just had to roach and roll all over it. As Mommy and Muffin were approaching Mommy's saying "P-U! Smells like a Skunk!"  Mr. Skunk must have sprayed something on the ground where I was rolling. I loved it! I didn't care that it meant B-A-T-H later.

Many of the hills are really steep. We're really hiking, just like Goose and his MOM. Hey this is really cool. We take a few water breaks along the way and the really nice thing was that most of the time we're in the shade of the trees.

Then we come to a clearing at the end of the path. What?? Hey, that's not where we parked the car! Heck, that ain't even our house!!

Daddy turns and looks at Mommy and Mommy just shrugs her shoulders. Where the heck are we? Well we're definately NOT in OZ anymore, that's for sure!

We find some shade, have some water and the human's discuss the situation. I can tell by the tone in their voices, they've not a clue.

Now we came in off the trail on the left of this house and we're standing in this rather large clearing behind this big ass large house mansion. Over on the right is more forest with another path that we can see from where we are standing. Mommy and Daddy are arguing discussing which way to go. So, Daddy pulls out his Smart Phone. Duh, the phone can tell him, I mean it is smart, right?

After a few minutes Daddy says we have to go to the right. Mommy shakes her head and said I don't think so. I think we have to go back to the left (the way we came) and take the first trail that veers off to the right. Daddy insists we go to the right. So we start walking again. Into the forest and up a large hill. Then down a large muddy hill. But we're on a path and Daddy said that's a good thing. And we're walking and walking and walking. Daddy keeps stopping and looking at his Smart Phone. Mommy keeps telling him they are going the wrong way. She just can sense it. After about 20 minutes, guess what? We back in the middle of this clearing looking at the same house but this time from the very bottom of a large hill! Mommy ain't too happy. I take it to mean that Daddy's Smart Phone is dumb.

Now it's Mommy's turn. So we follow Mommy up the large hill towards the mansion. As we get fairly close to this mansion, we see golf carts and golfers. Oh shit! We are not even close to our car Mommy realizes. Well, this ain't a good thing...

Mommy pulls out her Smart Phone and opens up the GPS app. In order to find where we parked we gotta keep walking the way Mommy said to go in the first place. We walked and we walked and we walked some more.

We followed the tree line around the outskirts of the golf course. The building on the right must be the ground keeping department. Our van is down the hill (straight ahead in the picture) then a hard left through the tree line.

By now Daddy is not happy so Mommy is joking about the entire hike. Daddy still isn't laughing. Muffin and I are keeping really well hyrated but our tongues are now hanging low. We've been lost walking hiking for a few hours.

Mommy cut's into the tree line which is not a hiking path. She didn't care at this point. She only knew the van was "that" way. Then after walking for a bit we come upon a beautiful house in another clearing. Yeah! Civilization. Keep following Mommy.

We walk through this person's back yard, down their long driveway, through some more woods and out the other side into a cul-de-sac. Daddy was impressed that the cul-de-sac is at the end of the street of where we parked. Hey Mommy may not be good at this north, south crap, but she sure can operate a Smart Phone!


Homeward bound now for our baths. Just look at all the stinky gunk on my ear! It was also all over my right side which you can't see.

Mommy told Daddy on the way home that tomorrow HE can pick the place we go walking or hiking or losting or what ever you want to call it! She don't want to hear him gripe anymore.

All in all we had a great day!

Hope you enjoyed our long adventure.  In case you were wondering, we started our hike at 11:30 and got back to the van at around 2pm.

Remind me next time to drop some bread crumbs as we're walking.....

Lily Belle


  1. Lily just wiping the tears from my eyes. Classic! We thought we were reading the script for The Blair Witch Project! Well funny and skunk scent too. Bless you made us laugh real hard. We hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly
    PS well done re giving up smoking. Peeps gave up 6 years ago. Need someone to moan to you have our email. Feel free.

  2. OH wow. Good thing Momma was around to use that phone!! And there's like a new map thinger with the updated version which I don't think is as good. But anyways....that was one looooong walkie. Glad you made it back safely!

  3. Well at least you all got a lot of exercise! Sounds like a great adventure. I would recommend more substantial shoes next time though ;-)


  4. What.....Neither one of you thought to leave some pee mail on the trail so you could lead the hoomans with the smart phones back to where they started from. Well, that's OK. I think they learned something from your HIKE!

  5. Hah! At least you got a looooooong walk out of it.

  6. There certainly is a lot of gunk on your ear but it was well worth it to rub in the skunk scent for awhile, right? So glad you made it home eventually!

  7. We once went on a hike at the Pictured Rocks National Seashore in the upper penninsula of Michigan. It was a beautiful fall day, and we were attempting a 5 mile hike around a small lake. We walked, and walked, and walked, and walked - and then walked some more. It turned out (as we discoved 5 hours later when we got back to the car) that we had taken a wrong fork and accidentally done the 12 mile hike around a much larger lake. The most distressing thing happened AFTER we were in the car and were driving out ... a bear, yes A BEAR, ran in front of our car. We had been walking out there all that time - no cell phone service, no water, no snackies, three dogs in tow (including one small wiener), and there were BEARS in those woods!

  8. BOL Lily girl! Humans and their smart phones!
    Love ya

  9. BOL! We think your humans are related to ours- they act just like them!

  10. BWhahahahahahahahaha...OMD, your dad's smart fone is DUUUUUUUMB like my mum! Nows even though I knows ya'll was all in distress and stuffs dis had me rollin' all overs da floor laughin'.
    I can just see ya'll cuttin' through peoples yards now with your mom and dad just bitchin' away at each udders...bwhahahahahaha.


  11. LILY BELLE and MUFFIN.... THIS WAS JUST A CLASSIC. Glad you got home safe and sound...

  12. Wow, that was quite the marvelous adventure. We think the roaching in the stinkies must have been the highlight for you. It sure would have been for us:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Hahahaha!!! That is so funny... well tiring and stuff, but hilarious! :)

    Happy Yappy Wednesday to you and yours! xx

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  14. hey Lily Belle,

    Great story! Why humans think an inanimate object will be smart is beyond me! Us dogs don't rely on inanimate objects! Any woofs, next time you pups just leave your pee mail and you will have no problem showing your humans the way home!

    That was a very long walk but how wonderful to be in the sunshine and fresh air and with your humans (despite them getting lost). :-> Life is an adventure, and at least you all had a fun adventure together!


    P.S. Nothing beats rolling in smelly stuff! Good job, Lily!

  15. Bruhaahaahaa! We are cracking up! What a great adventure...even if the humans ended up not talking.

    We don't have skunks here...BUT we do have other smelly stuff!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  16. I have a dumb phone so I'd have an excuse! Actually, your mom's smart phone saved the day...

    I hope that the skunk smell was worth it! It sounds like a fun time to me.

  17. OMG - LOVE the photos of you 2 in the car!!!! You're both just too stinking cute. Much love to you - XXOO - Mazzie


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