Monday, September 3, 2012

Testing, one, two, testing...

Hi furends,

I know it's been a while since we've posted. I could lie and say we've been busy, but Mommy has just been lazy (in MY opinion!) Actually she and Daddy had to shop for new cell phones and plans. Ugh, have they been miserable!

Their carrier Nextel which they have had forever was sold to Sprint years ago. It was no problem until the other day when they got a notice from Sprint saying they are totally discontinuing their Nextel service all together and have already begun decommissioning all the Nextel towers. Well, that explains a lot of things like why Daddy can't contact Mommy half of the time!

So they schlep over to the Sprint store to talk about their service. First the sales people tell Mommy and Daddy they HAVE to buy new phones. Then they said they can keep the current plan they are on. "The Sprint service" they are told is so much better. So on and so forth....

Then Mommy calls Sprint on the phone and talks to them. They get a whole different story from them. So a schlepping back to the store they go. Now, Mommy has been in customer service for like her entire life with BIG companies (that's when she was working outside of the home.) She's getting the run around now and is really pissed ticked off!

Well, Mommy being the brains in the family starts looking at Sprint coverage maps. No problem if we stayed in NY full time. But when we're in Florida for 6 months, forget it! The front of the house would have coverage but the back of the house, well, there would be NO reception! Ain't that a kick in the pants!

In the meantime, Mommy calls her neighbors in Florida. They all have Verizon with no problems. One moved there last year and had Sprint and got NO reception at all. See ya Sprint! Adios!

They go and check out AT&T and Verizon. After much thought and sleepless nights, they opted to go with Verizon. Then came the decision on Dumb Phone (again) or Smart Phone. Oh the pains.... If you go with the Smart Phone, then you have the monthly bill of $87,000,000.000.00 arriving each month. If you go with the Dumb Phones (the kind that flip open) the bill is STILL up there in the million dollar category. Say bye bye to their old awesome plan. After many sleepless nights, they went with the Smart Phones.

Mommy and Daddy have totally now ignored Muffin and me and are like crack addicts with these new Smart Phones. {Wave} Hello! Remember us down here..... Mommy, it's me Lovable Lily......

Anywho, so they start to activate all the features on their Smart Phones and it FORCES Mommy (and Daddy too) to set up a Google GMail account. They don't want GMail, they're MSN users, WTF! Mommy starts to panic.... She panics some more..... and then some more...... Our blog is a Google product but was set up with Mommy's MSN e-mail account. Obviously Mommy has a Picasa account, also set up through her MSN. She's flipping out and wondering how this is going to affect (or is it effect) our BLOG! I told Mommy don't screw up MY BLOG! If she does, she's fired!

She had NO choice, so she had to set up a GMail account in order to use many of the features on HER Smart Phone. Sounds like she's a dummy to me.

So now she goes to post a comment last night one of your blogs and guess what? It now says Mommy's name! Mommy cried...... She was flipping out and saying some words even I've never heard before. She immediately went into Blogger and there it is.... Mommy's name @ GMail - PRIMARY ACCOUNT! No, no, no, that's not right! She is LIVID! She doesn't want MY mail to go to GMail.

No one LATE last night at Verizon could help her or answer her questions about this. She hopped into a Google Forum she found and no one has answered her questions. They ran down to the store this morning and zilch, zero, nada, nobody there had a clue! She has to wait until tomorrow to call a special (yeah right!) phone number and talk to someone there about her Smart Phone. Which by the way isn't so smart in MY humble opinion. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dummy....

Poor Mommy has bags under her eyes from the stress. And to top it all off, when she was adding names to her phone book she kept dialing people by mistake! Damn keys are so small she screamed over and over again. Butt, she did have a lovely conversation late last night with Cindy from Bird Brains and Dog Tales and also the snow plowing man. Tho I'm not too sure he was happy to be woken up!

So in the end, after ALL my rambling on, I don't think that Smart Phones are really that smart! Maybe it's the dumb humans who are trying to use them......

Sorry this is so long, butt it gave me something to do while Mommy and Daddy are still IGNORING us while in their crack addict Smart Phone junkie state. And I just gotta see where your comments are gonna end up. Hummmmm.... GMail or MSN? Shall we flip a coin?

Lily Belle 

Oh yeah, and do you THINK she could have at least taken a picture of ME to post on here with her new Smart Phone? Not a prayer in hell.....

Disclaimer: Gotta say sorry to Goose  and his Mom for my teeny, tiny, little cussing there.


  1. BOL! Those SMART phones are evil, Lily girl! Mom's always glued to hers (iPhone). But on the bright side, when we travel we can post right from the phone! Maybe you should come down here and plan with me to get those damn smart phones to "mysteriously" disappear!
    Love ya

  2. And a lovely conversation it was. I had no idea you were having so much trouble when we chatted last night. You hid your frustration well...except for the fact that you dialed me when you didn't want to. I'm glad your call was early enough in the evening so I was awake, but actually you can call me into the wee small hours of the morning most days. At least you weren't butt dialing anyone...or have you done that with your new phone too? LOL

    Good luck working out all the bugs.


  3. Smart phones .....huh ....they are the rudest inventions ever! We hate them and will stick with our useless does nothing but phone, phones. Hope it all gets sorted and do update us as sorry but we did laugh at the farce of it. We once had 13 cookers in 6 months so we can well understand the frustration. Have a great day.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We're too dumb for smart phones. SHE has a prepaid flip top phone that usually has no credit OR a flat battery!

    Good luck.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. I loooooove tr smart phone! There is even a blogger app! Go with gmail, it is very intuitive!

  6. My peeps love their smart phones - they can go into my blog on them when they're not home and all sorts. They use gmail here in the UK and are happy with it but we don't know about USA. Hope your Mom can get things sorted it sounds very stressful for you all - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  7. WHN just got her iPhone a few months ago and she is always on it! (she has a gmail account only because of our blog- ) We had to go through stuff like that in Ohio with the washer dryer, so we know all about your Mom's frustration! (WHN has Verizon too for her phone and Dad's and they have never had a problewm)

  8. It's hard when the phones are smarter than the humans, huh? Tell your momma that they have styluses (styli?) you can use to push buttons on the eye-phone so you don't have to worry if your fingers are bigger than the buttons! (It's very handy when you're using paws too.)

  9. SMART butt! I feels really sowie fur you guys bein' ignored like dat! Butt...I feels so lucky dat my pawrents have DUMB phones. In fact...dey have DUMBER phones. Dey has NET 10 contract, no hassle, great reception in Florida and in Michigan when they visit up there and most places in between (except fur a couple of places in the Smoky Mountains). And all they can do is make phone web surfing so dis gives dem more time fur me! (Now, how do I get them to notice me???)

  10. well my mom needs to get a new phone but she is scared that her life will be likes she can't read the keys anyway cos they are so small..(remember she has trouble with the robot tests on here) she wishes she could have a phone as big as her keyboard so she didn't have to worry about deleting so many of her word mistakes.... hopefully your parents will get it all figured out and the kingdom will be restored!
    stella rose

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  12. I would have purchased a Windows phone IMHO. And you probably can go back to the store and get windows smart phones...
    ALTHOUGH I do use gmail... so for me it was easy peasy to go with the gmail thingy...
    Newby wants to give you mom's number so he can text Lily...

    When are you leaving for FL? We will be in Orlando with a trip down to Miami, too (just me and Reed not the pups) in October, we think... We'd love to run by and see you...

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  13. Oh-noes!
    After reading your post.... my mom loves more her silly cell phone!
    Good luck!
    Kisses and hugs


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