Thursday, August 30, 2012

Peter Piper

Sometimes, ya just gotta share your knowledge....

If you're gonna talk the talk... Oh yea Hubby, keep on slicing!!


Now Hubby, you can walk the walk!

I showed him that YOU can teach an old dog new tricks...



  1. Lily they look well yummy to my peeps but sadly I have a allergy to anything green. Can mum and dad make me some meat ones? Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Yummyyyy!! Look at all those pickles! We've (mom that is) has never made canned pickles, although she helped her mom out ton when growing up. We didn't try this year because our cucumber plants did not turn out so well... We always have next year, eh? If so, we'll be contacting you for help, I'm sure!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  3. I have no words to describe the beauty of the pickles...sigh,,,
    stella rose

  4. That'll keep you going for a while! Mum makes pickled onions & pickled red cabbage, but those look great! Deccy x

  5. OMD I am DROOLING over those BEAUTIFUL PICKLES... GUESS WHAT???? My dad Always helps my mom with the canning and the cutting and stuffs... and SHE helps him with the weeding of the garden.
    So are those SWEET or SOUR pickles?????

    PeeS... this will make you want to Throw up... My mom LOVES Sour Pickles on Peanut Butter Sandwiches. YACK YACK HACK HACK BLECH

  6. LOL! too good- we love pickles here!

  7. What delicious food that looks like!

    Happy meowing or barking my doggie furriend,


  8. OMD, Momma is drooling all over the place. She loves pickles!

  9. Good job. Put pops to work
    Benny & Lily

  10. Hi Lily and your hooman owners. I stumbled across your blog from my doxie friend Sheldon (Rischa) from instagram. I have a Lily too. She is a 5 month old silver dapple.:) Your Lily Belle is so adorable!!!! How old is she?

    I think my Lily needs her own blog now!

    Hi from DC!!!!

    Lauren & Lily

    1. Hi Lauren & Lily,
      Welcome to our blog. It's always great to meet new people and of course silver dapple's too! You know, you do need to start a blog for your Lily. We would be avid followers :)

      I'm going to be 9 in January and my sister Muffin will be 8 in December. We are "sisters" but not by blood. Muffin was my Grandma's dog for 3 years. Grandma now supervises us from Heaven. We love each other very much regardless....

      Thanks for popping over and we hope to hear from you again real soon!

      Lily Belle

  11. That's a lot of jars!!!! We're impressed.

    XXXOOODaisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Mommy said to tell everyone, they are bread and butter pickles. They really are yummy! No, Muffin and I didn't get any butt the hoomans said they are great.

    Lily Belle

  13. Well, now there is something you can do that I can't! I was not raised with a canner and have never tried to do it although I love pickles. We also don't grow any veggies so there is less incentive to want to can.


  14. Oh, yeah!
    It is possible!
    Good job!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Wow, your Daddy can use the Mandoline and still has all of his paws!!
    Do you need our addy to send our jar of pickles??? BOL

  16. Awesome! My Mommy has all these cukes and doesn't know what to do with them. Thanks

    Loveys Sasha

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  18. Yum, pickles!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  19. Peeeeeeccccckkkklllleeeeeessss!!!!

    Huggies and Cheese,


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