Friday, June 22, 2012

PT 728 - A Piece of Naval History

What a cool event that happened today in our town. See, we live along the Historic Erie Canal System in Fairport, NY (outside of Rochester) and heard about this most exciting thing.  Here, take a lookie at this!

Here is what our local newspaper told us: A World War II-era PT boat formerly based on the Hudson River is making its way westward along the Erie Canal, headed to its new home on the Great Lakes. 

PT 728 was purchased this spring by the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio. The museum located on the Lake Erie shore midway between Cleveland and Toledo is holding its grand opening in July.

A five-man crew from the museum is taking the boat to Ohio via the canal and the lake, and expects to arrive next week.

So of course, Mommy and Daddy headed out in the rain this morning to see this for themselves. Unfortunately Muffin and I had to stay home because of the rain.

Fact: This PT 728 is the only surviving US-built Vosper designed hull. This is the only US Coast Guard inspected PT boat licensed to take passengers for hire.

Fact: This PT 728 was built in the Annapolis Yacht Yard under license from the British company Vosper. The keel was laid on August 10, 1945, launched on September 25th and completed with combat configuration on October 20th.

Fact: This PT 728 was slated to join the Soviet Navy, but with W.W.II at an end, she was decommissioned November 28, 1945. 

Mommy & Daddy hit 2 different areas in town to take pictures along the canal before stopping at Lock 32.

Approaching Lock 32 in Pittsford, NY

Fact: This actual boat (PT 728) appeared in the television series McCale’s Navy...

The lower gates will close and very slowly the passageway will begin filling up with water.
The lock chamber (where the boat is in the picture above) is slowly being filled from the canal at the upper gates
The passageway is almost filled with water ~ Just about time to continue on with their journey

This boat also was in the Julia Roberts film Sleeping With the Enemy (made up to look like a Coast Guard vessel) and a History Channel program PT Boats (Great Ships) about the role of PT Boats in World War II.

Tug coming through Lock 32

They said it was a really exciting morning! Hope you enjoyed this little piece of history.

One last picture for your enjoying pleasure. Mommy took this picture on the way out of park.

Wow! That's a lot of poop!!


  1. How cool is all this?! Except for the poop business. I would have gone to see that too.

  2. Dat is darn cool! I liked hows they fills up da canal...I has nevers seen dat and nows I can says I has.
    Of course I liked da boat withs da toofers, I needs me one of them. Omd, wouldn't we look super fabulous on dat thingy.

    I hopes Frankie don't gets all jelly seein' these boats...he'll be breakin' out his captins hat befores you knows it...or before I can say cheetos.


  3. How cool. I guess you have to get up early to see the good stuff, but you also have to know what is going on. Thanks for sharing. Were they stopping in Rochester for any length of time or just passing through?


  4. OMD OMD THIS is a TOTALLY EXCITING POST... I have READ it TWICE and will show it to my DAD... he will LOVE it. The Erie Canal went less than 40 miles from where we live. NOW there is only a tiny bit of it that can even be recognized.

  5. THAt is so furry cool, Lily! And OMD my mom's been over that bridge!
    Love ya

  6. That is VERY cool. MOM and I enjoyed the pictures and the facts very much. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow!
    Sure it was pawesome to see it!
    Thanks for sharing the info!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Great post and diggin the poop sign. Have a great weekend!
    Best wishes Molly

  9. We the DWM, to show that there are NO hard feelings in the attempt to steal Aunt Cindy away from Tasha, would love it if you came for a visit to see the new museum- we live near Cleveland and we know that Dad would love to see this PT Boat! He takes us to the USS COd every 4th of July weekend, which is right next to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, so you are welcome to join us!


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