Friday, March 23, 2012

The Sandman in the Well

For fourty days and fourty nights three days, the workmen have been hanging around our house trying to find the incredibly mean Mr. Sandman who has been living in the Well. He has clogged almost ALL the sprinkler heads for 4 houses. It has been very, very hot here in Florida and all the plants and grass are thirsty. But because Mr. Sandman has ruined all the sprinklers, we have not been able to water. The workmen have been trying to isolate where the problem is and have been unable to do so. That is.... until this morning.

I first gotta say, if there is a pile of @*^$ on the ground Mommy is guaranteed to step in it and most likely in her bare feet too! (No, she didn't step in any poop, but keep reading and you'll understand what I mean.)

OK, so Mommy was outside this morning and she went over to talk to Miss Donna who is elderly and lives next door. We LOVE Miss. Donna! Oh sorry, I was getting side tracked. On the walk back, Mommy walked through the side yard between our two houses. All of a sudden, Mommy screamed as her feet were being sucked deep into the ground. I was watching Mommy out the window and goodness gracious! I thought she was getting sucked all the way down to China! I was so scared that I wasn't gonna see my Mommy every again. I composed myself, took a deep breath, blinked a few times to make sure what I was seeing was what I was seeing.

There was Mommy standing there up to her head ankles, in a newly formed hole that collapsed under her very own two feet. I really wish that I could use a camera (but remember I'm a d-o-g) 'cuz it was a real sight to behold. Our friend Puddles would have been laughing so hard seeing my Mommy in that hole that he'd be leaving puddles on the floor seeing that picture.

Mommy climbed up out of that hole (OK, she really didn't have to CLIMB outta the hole, she really just had to lift up her big feet, but it sure does make the story more interesting saying she had to climb out.) She actually came in the house laughing. She saw Daddy sitting there and said "I think I just found the leak in the pipes."

To make a looooong story short, Mommy did find the leak in the pipes and boy, everyone was so happy that she did. So the workmen started digging a bigger hole (where Mommy got eaten up by the ground) and found 3 holes in 3 pipes.  After 8 hours the pipes have been replaced, the sprinklers are all working once again and the nasty Mr. Sandman has been booted to the curb! Mommy worked really hard today. She even helped the landscaper replace all the sprinkler heads in 2 of the yards and tested them all too!

Daddy (left) and our neighbor Mr. Wilson checking out Mommy's hole

Yup! We've found our leak.

Hard to believe that 3 little holes (in 3 pipes) could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage!
So if any of ya have leaky pipes and can't find the source of the leak, just call my Mommy. I'll be happy to rent her out in exchange for some good doggie treats.

Lily Belle

P.S. Mommy said now that the plants can get water again that the money tree better start growing!

P.S.S. I should tell you that Mommy wasn't seriously hurt and is doing fine (except for the heart attack she's gonna have when she gets the invoice)


  1. BOL! Glad they're fixed! Your poor mom
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Your mom took a very lucky step. Who knows how long it would have taken the "experts" to find the problem. Glad to hear she is none the worse for wear.


  3. Your mom did GRRRRREAT at finding the problem. I am sure that our girrrrl Puddles would be laffin about it though. Glad that all your plants and grass are gonna get a "WELL" deserved drink. heeehehehe I made a Frankie Funny fur you.

  4. oh my goodness!! glad they found the problem and i hope it won't be too expensive! that looks like one huge mess!

  5. Hi, I thought I'd swing by today and say hi! Your mom sounds very talented at finding problems with sprinklers. Do you ever get to run through the water when it is on? That sounds fun.


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