Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Boo-Boo's All Around

Hi our Blogville friends (and our family too),

Mommy said to tell you all that she has (once again) been sooo very busy that she just hasn't had much time to Blog. But... as you know, she does keep up with all of you!

Today Muffin and I had to go visit the mean, ol'e, what I meant to say was the very handsome Dr. Thomas today. Poor little Muffin needed to get her yearly shots. Let me tell you, she was NOT happy with that! She did really good and didn't scream, yell, bite or kick, but you could see the look of panic in her eyes when that BIG needle was coming closer and closer and closer. I tried to tell her it wasn't so bad and that Mommy had cookies waiting for her in her pocket. I turned my head and didn't look when she got stucks in the butt like 87 times. Then they shoved some yellow liquid down her throat to kill any wormies that may have been lurking in her belly. What? Worms? My sister ain't got NO worms! I tried to tell Dr. Thomas that but obviously he doesn't speak Dachshund! Daddy said to Dr. Thomas in casual conversating "I wonder what that stuff tastes like." Dr. Thomas said that some say it tastes like "nana's" and others say it tastes like "nilla pudding." Muffin just looked at me and said HE'S LYING! It tastes like (&^%#^!!

Once that was over with everyone started looking at me. I said hey wait a minute there ~ Why are you looking at me? Oh no, you're not giving ME any of those BIG needles in my butt. Phew... They took me away for my pedicure. Wow, I was really scared for a few moments there.

We hi-tailed it outta there so quick, they didn't even know what hit them!

Now, our other problem is with the Well in our yard. I'm not too sure what the Well is or even does but Mommy said it helps to water the grass and pretty flowers. From what I understand, Mr. Sandman somehow is creeping into the lines and clogging all the sprinkler heads with loads of sand and now the poor little things can't spit out any water. There are 4 homes attached to the Well and right now we're 2 for 2. So every night Mommy has to go outside and get eaten alive by the 'skito bugs' and water all of the plants. That takes her forever. She isn't even doing the lawn 'cuz our lawn here in Florida is really large. Mr. Well Man has been here for a few days trying to figure it all out but it is a long and involved process 'specially when you got 2 little doxie girl's barking at ya all of the time. Mommy keeps a close eye on Mr. Well Man and just walks around going Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching!!! Me think's she lost her mind someplace.

So anywho, Grandpa is doing well and everyone is almost over all of their hacking and coughing ~ Good thing. Muffin and I were getting tired of them being Prima Donna's!

OK friends, gotta run now. Muffin is laying in bed and I (being the big sister) gotta go and check in on her to see if she needs anything.  Her little butt is a tad tender tonight. She might want me to change the channel on the TV or something for her. Maybe I'll be real nice and bring her a bowl of ice cream.

Lily Belle

Oh yes, just in case you were wondering... The Princess (that be me) now has her own lounge chair umbrella!


  1. OMD, ya'll hads to go to VET????? Poor poor Muffin I just knows hers butt be all tenders. We don't gets dat squirty stuffs fur worms hers. I can imagine it tastes likes #&$% thoughs.
    Hehehehehe...I likes your mom ch-ching peeps use da same words.


  2. Poor Muffin. I'll bet she SCREAMED fur 87 seconds. We hate those Skee Toes too. They make bad itchies. Glad that everybuddy is feelin better now!!


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