Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunny Florida

Thank goodness that the long.... car ride is over! I absolutely hated it and shook like a blender. I felt so bad for Muffin 'cause I was jumping all over her and she was getting annoyed with me. (OK, so now my reputation is ruined and you know I'm not the perfect little Angel.) Mommy decided to put Muffin in the crate so she could sleep. Good thing Mommy sedated me when she saw I couldn't handle it. Even with the drugs, I was awake the entire way. That little sh*t Muffin slept the entire 2 days. Mommy said she was in "Sleep Nirvana." If I'm not riding shotgun (front seat) with my pretty little nose sticking out the window, then FORGET IT! No way am I gonna do that again! Mommy said that I have to do it again in 4 months, but as far as I'm concerned, they can leave me here.

Don't I look great! Don't let the beautiful look fool ya! I was trying to find a way to escape!!
After taking a HAPPY Pill (but trust me when I tell you, I still was watching everything)

Muffin, the happy little clam! Smiling away at the world...
Day 2 - Mommy put us both together in the crate. Muffin helped calm me, even tho I took some mind altering drugs. This picture is from our stop at Burger King. Such poster children...
Once we arrived at the house, Muffin showed me all around the place. She showed me all the good hiding spots for the bones, where to go outside and do our thing, where we find the sun and a whole bunch more stuff. We then were full of energy and had zoomies all around the house. In this house, you can actually run in one big circle from room to room to room. I felt like Mario Andretti and was running like a 100 miles a minute. After all that running, our little bodies said "good night Irene!" And out like a light we were.

My first full day in Florida:
Today was a beautiful day outside. It was 75 and sunny. Mommy and Daddy had to go shopping today 'cause one of the toilet's was broke. Good thing Daddy knows how to fix it. Muffin and I were really good while they were gone.

I figured out real quick how to find the sunshine in Mommy's room
I went for my very first ride today in a Fred Flintstone car. Mommy said it's called a golf cart. It was more my speed as my our whole body is hanging out in the breeze and I sure did get to smell alot that way. That was really, really fun.

Then I got to meet Mommy's friend Cobbie and her puppy Rudy. Rudy and I hit it right off from the start. A few good sniff's and I think we're now best friends. Muffin, well, she's not too sure what to make of Rudy 'cause he's a bigger doggie and she don't usually like bigger doggies. But Mommy said Muffin has to learn that bigger doggies are nice too. I promise to get pictures soon of Rudy. He could be my twin!

Mommy's beautiful garden got bit by Jack Frost last week and she is very upset. Now she has a lot to do with chopping down plants and stuff.

Just a small portion of the 'dead zone'
Our back yard & more of Mommy's crispy plants
She did feed her birdies and they have all been coming by to visit her. Mommy has a favorite bird here called a Painted Bunting. This is one of her pictures that she took last year of him at her feeder. Isn't he beautiful!! Mommy made special feeders for them which they love! Mommy is a member of the Painted Bunting Observation Team.
This photo is untouched!
We are still all really tired from the long 2 day drive so we are going to hit the sack early tonight. So for now I will say, good night, sleep tight and don't let the alligator's bite!

Lily Belle


  1. Welcome to Florida!
    Dachshund Nola
    P.S. I love your harnesses

  2. 75 degrees??? *thud* Can we come for a visit, lol!
    We hate, hate, hate the car too....and are very "vocal" during our you do the high pitch nose whining? That always drives the peeps nutso...we have to stop bout every 2 hours!!

    (((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  3. The bird's name is Painting Bunting? Wow... Interesting...

    I'll just be visiting your old posts and reading it since there aren't any new ones.

    Huggies and Cheese,



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