Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Route 66

Our journey South is not really gonna be on the famous Route 66 but it sure sounded like a good name for our blog title today.

Tomorrow morning we are all getting up early and hitting the road. We shuffled Grandpa off to Uncle Bob's house for a few days while we take the long and winding road towards Orlando. We will see Grandpa again when we pick him up at the airport on the 10th. It is just too long of a ride for him these days. So Mommy said it was best that we stick him in a metal thing called an airplane.

The van is all packed and boy do we have lot's and lot's of stuff in there. We got suitcases, golf clubs, a cooler, our GPS, our car seat, a crate, wait... A CRATE! Don't tell me that they are gonna put me in a CRATE again. MOM!!! What is the crate doing in the van? Please tell me it ain't so Joe! Mommy said that it will keep Muffin and I safe during the trip, but I don't like the idea one bit. I H-A-T-E my crate. Yucky, stinky and all those other nasty words. Maybe if I close my eyes and wave my magic Harry Potter wand, it will go away. Nope! Didn't work.

Mommy said that she will try her best to take pictures of Muffin and I along the way. But Muffin and I can be a handful sometimes, so taking many pictures is not her top priority. She wanted to take them in every state we cross into, but I can just hear Daddy now ~ You gotta be kidding me!

I am not too sure what this new adventure in FL will be like for me, but Muffin guarantees me I will love it. I just gotta remember to watch out for the albigator's that live there. Mommy said that sometimes they come out of the pond behind our house and we gotta be very, very careful.

So my blogging buddies, wish us luck for safe travels and pray Mommy doesn't kill Daddy along the way. He is retired now and she just don't know how this is all gonna work out in the end.

See you all again once we get settled into our FL home for the winter.

Lily Belle


  1. Hehehehehe...I has to stay in a crate at night...and it's just awfuls!
    Girl, I am hopin' and prayin' ya'll has a safe trip and your mom don't do nuttin' drastic. My mum sooooooo would gets tired of my dad...afters bout 30 min.


  2. Have a safe and fun trip!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Have a safe trip and paws crossed for your dad.

  4. Now Lily, ya gotta do whatcha gotta do to be safe. Listen to your mom and be good. It's only temporary. Just remember that. Have a fun and safe trip to FL. Lady says it can be hard to stay awake on I-95, so you may have to make some noise to keep the drivers awake! Hope you packed your coats cuz my grandpa says it is cold right now even in FL! Be good!


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