Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Problematic Wednesday

Goodness gracious folks! Have we got problems... Poor Daddy! Poor Aunt Rona!

Daddy has to have a tooth pulled. Yuck! After his visit to his Vet, er... I mean Dentist yesterday, he found out that his wisdom tooth needs to come out. Now, this tooth is already in his mouth Mommy said. It's not hiding away like a lot of them do. And it is broken in half. Daddy didn't know this as it's so far back that he can't really feel it he said. Mommy is going to scramble around today to find a surgeon to pull it out for him. Problem is this... (a) it has to come out before he retires on the 31. (b) We have the holiday's sitting right on top of us and alot of offices are closing down because of them. (c) We will have NO dental insurance next year hence the emergency in getting it done. (d) He really only has 4 days that it can be done. (His retirement luncheon is next Wednesday so we have to count that day out.) I'm sure if Mommy can find a surgeon to do it for him, his boss won't be happy!  Guess 'cause he's retiring next week, he really shouldn't care! So put your paws together everyone and pray Mommy can find someone to help Daddy. Does having your wisdom tooth removed mean Daddy is gonna become less smart??

And now on to my Auntie Rona... Talk about cruddy news! She gotta have spinal surgery!!! Double Yuck! Aunt Rona, I feel so bad for you. You're gonna have to go in your crate afterwards and you ain't gonna like it one bit! You know it's the best thing and we have to keep you safe. Auntie is a nurse and has been out of work for a month because of her pain. So Mr. Surgeon is gonna fix the crack in her back for her. Something about a fracture and taking out some disc's. Auntie Rona H-A-T-E-S doctors as much as I do!! (Maybe even a little more.) So when I see her today I'm gonna tell her what my Mommy told me when I hurt my disc's, "be brave little soldier!" So next Wednesday they are gonna fix her up as good as new. I'm gonna offer to lend her my new crate. (Gosh knows I don't even like looking at the dang thing and it's still sitting in the living room). Mommy feels horrible about all of this. 'Specially since we are leaving town the following week and will be gone for like months and months. But thank goodness we have Aunt Pat here to help her out. Oh, did I mention the good news? We get to have doxie Freeda come stay with us for a few days while Auntie is in the hospital. That's the ONLY good thing out of all of this!! We love Freeda and she loves us too!

So you see, life right now is a little crazy around here. Mommy's gonna try and do the best for everyone at the moment. She's really got a lot to do. Between Christmas, New Years, getting us all ready to go to Florida for the winter, blah, blah, blah, what's a few more things added to her list......

Lily Belle


  1. So sorry to hear about your dad and his wisdom teeth. I don't think he will be less smart because Lady never even had any wisdom teeth and she has lots of degrees! Sorry about Aunty Rona. Wei are praying for her and her doctors. We're praying for your Mom to have a peace about everything -it will all get done and it will all work out and she doesn't have to do it all. That's what friends are for. Glad you get to have Freeda come and visit for a few days. You can cheer up your mom with your antics! Don't cause her any trouble these days, okay? Be good!

  2. What's Her Name had all of her wisdom teeth pulled while she was in the Army over twenty years ago! THAT is probably why she is the way she is- your theorem is perfect (It may also apply only to blondes, though)

    Prayers for your Aunt Rona- WHn and her mom have terrbile spinal arthritis so we sympathize!

  3. So so sorry to hear this my sweet friend. Paws crossed as always for you!
    Love ya,
    Dachshund Nola


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