Friday, November 4, 2011

My Grandpa's Big Day

Let me start by saying Happy Birthday Grandpa! Hard to believe that my Grandpa is 609 years old today (in my years). He sure still looks pretty darn good for being 87. Mommy took him out for breakfast this morning to celebrate (plus, I don't think she really wanted to cook). Tonight Mommy is having a family only surprise party for him at a nice restaurant. I sure do wish Muffin and I could go with them and eat all that good food. It's a surprise, so please don't squeel. Muffin and I bought him some new pants which he really needed. I hope that they fit him, as his old one's MUST have shrunk in the dryer ~ tee, hee, hee... Mommy and Daddy bought him some other stuff too, but we don't know what. We will have to wait until later tonight to see. After dinner, Muffin and I will have a little party of our own with Grandpa here at the house. I know that will make Grandpa happy as he really loves us both so much. We love you too Grandpa. We hope you have a fantastic birthday!

The party was a huge success! Grandpa was surprised and he loved all of his presents. Dinner (at least according to Mommy) was delicious.
Grandpa & Grandson Bobby

Happy birthday to yoooooooooouuuuuu!


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