Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm Walkin' in Sunshine

OMG, OMG, OMG! I just can't contain my excitment. I went for my first walk today since my surgery. Can you stand it or what? I thought I was hearing things when Mommy said, Lily ~ Walk. We first went for a short ride and we ended up at the park by our house. It was a beautiful day and I was so surprised that the park was empty. Good for me, all of this space just for me. I had on my harness 'cause I can't wear a collar any more. I got my little feet on that green grass and I wanted to go crazy. Mommy was being a poopie-head and wouldn't let me run. We had a very nice walk in all of the leaves and I just had to keep stopping to sniff, sniff, sniff. So many wonderful smells and I could tell that many dog's had been there before me. I wish Mommy brought her camera because I had the biggest smile on my face. I'm only allowed to walk for 5 minutes this first week, but it was wonderful just the same. Mommy said that if the weather is nice tomorrow, we can do it again. Yeah for me!!! Can't wait to see what I smell tomorrow.

Oh and don't let me forget here.... I got a new bone today! Mommy bought Muffin and I a new Chew Alot Bone at the store today. Raw hide is not too good for me as I pull on it too much and that might hurt my neck again. So she thought that this kind would be better. So far, so good! It is so delicious and I'm doing a great job chewing on it too. I sure am gonna be sad when it is gone.



  1. Lily Belle, we are so proud of you! We knew this day would come! You and your mommy are awesome and make us all so proud! Maybe soon, Freeda and you could do a little walk together. You name the place and time and we promise to be there.

    Love you so much!!!

  2. Hi Lily!

    This is Ringo from the DBB. We just found your blog, and had to come by for a visit! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and we are so glad that you are feeling better! We pray that you will continue to heal, and be all better very soon.

    ~Debi & Ringo

    P.S. Ringo thinks you are very, very pretty, Lily. ;)

  3. Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Day!
    When Lily walks (oh when she walks)
    When Lily walks (oh when she walks)
    And sniffs the day way!
    Oh happy day!
    Hey, Lady has a question. Where did you take care of business when you were crated? How can Lady get me to peepee on the balcony instead of having to be carried down all the stairs and outside in the cold? The pain meds seem to be helping. Lady gave me some in my morning milk BEFORE she tried to pick me up.What kind of sedative did they give you for night time?


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