Sunday, November 20, 2011

Antler Antics

Mommy tried to pull a fast one on Muffin and I this weekend. She really is such a good Mommy, but after this, I may have to rethink things....

Mommy bought Muffin and I a new treat this weekend at the doggie store. She saw these things and said, Ah.... I've read about these on the Doxie Bulletin Board and many seem to like them so I'll give it a shot!

We decided after trying them that the only antlers we want to see are on REAL deer!

Lily, you OK down there? You look like you ate the poison apple!
Mommy said these were really 'spensive too so I can tell she is disapointed that neither of us like them!

Prince Charming, please save me....
Right now the damn things are laying on the floor in the den, and I really wish they would get up and walk away! We are traumatized and I pray that we don't have nightmares over this...

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