Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where I Turned to in the Time of Need

I've have got to be honest about something here.... As a Mom to a Dachshund with back problems, I NEVER would have survived without the support from the wonderful people on the Dachsie's Bulletin Board. What a fantastic group of Doxie owners! They have provided me with a wealth of information and so much love and support during this most difficult time. For anyone out there owning a Dachshund, you've got to check out this community at I learned from them too that mayo or peanut butter can be used to remove sticky adhesive from your dog. Worked like a charm!

Many of these people "have walked in my shoes." I will be forever grateful to them for they held my hand along this journey.

My other saving grace was If your Dachshund ever experiences any type of back problems go to this site immediately! A lot of important information on what to do if your Doxie goes down can be found on here.

The most important lesson we learned.... At the first sign of any back problems ~ CRATE YOUR DOG!

And last but NOT least, let us not forget to thank Aunt Rona and Aunt Pat. Without your love, support and shoulder to cry on, I would have never made it through this. 

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